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Desent Freespace 2

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Cheat mode (alternate)

Type one of the following codes at the indicated screen :

Screen – Result:

During mission – Pirate ship
During mission A- ny hit displays Jim Boone or Alan Lawrence
Player select – Fish tank
Player select – Bizarre scene

Get insulted by FRED 2

In FRED 2 (the mission editor program) place a ship (such as a SJ Sathanas) somewhere, then place another one so that they take up the same space. This is easier if you have “View Models” or at least “View Outlines” enabled, because you can place the second ship so that its center is just off the surface of the first one. The second ship you place will automatically be named “U.R.A. Moron 1”.

Cheat mode

Type www.freespace2.com during game play to enable cheat mode. The message “Cheats activated” will confirm correct code entry. Then hold ~ and type one of the following codes : Enabling cheat codes will prevent mission advancement. Note: The unlimited weapons code however can be used without penalty in campaign mode. Simply enable the code in single mission mode. Quit the single mission and resume a campaign mode game.

Code – Result:

C S- end message to enemies
[Shift] + C – Toggle countermeasure availability for all ships
K – Kill selected target
[Shift] + K – Destroy targeted subsystem
[Alt] + K – 10% damage to ship
[Alt] + [Shift] + K – 10% damage to target
I – Invincibility
[Shift] + I – Toggle invincibility for target
O – Toggle Descent-style physics
[Shift] + W – Unlimited weapons for all ships
W – Unlimited weapons for only your ship
G – All primary goals complete
[Shift] + G – All secondary goals complete
[Alt] + G – All bonus goals complete
9 – Scroll forward through secondary weapons
[Shift] + 9 – Scroll backward through secondary weapons
0 – Scroll forward through primary weapons
[Shift] + 0 – Scroll backward through secondary weapons
R – Rearm request for target