Alice In Wonderland

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Walkthrough :

ALICE IN WONDERLANDSTARTEast, Get pear, Go west, Go west, Wait for rabbit, Follow rabbit across field,Down hole, Get jar.UNDERGROUNDMove leaves, Get key, Go to hall, Get bottle from table, Get box from undertable, Wait for rabbit, Get fan and gloves, Go to music room, Take music sheetwhen chair is near piano, Stand on chair and drink potion, Open piano and Enterit, Get key and Leave piano, Get C Key, Go to closet, Open it with C Key, Getoveralls, Get hanger and card shoe, Go to hall, Open fan and use it, Wearoveralls, Wait for rabbit, Open curtain, Open tiny door with G key, East.GATESGet stick and Go along wiggly path until you come to fork, Take fork.RABBITS HOUSEGo to rabbits house, Get peg from line, Untie line, Take line, Open door andEnter, Go up, Open clock and get card, Look in basket and Get pouch, Go down tokitchen, Get egg, Get cup from cupboard, Go to garden, Move heap with fork, Getcard, East, Put hanger in vice, Pull hanger, Open Vice, Go upstairs to rabbitsbedroom, Put music under door, Put wire in hole, Get music, Get key, Drop music,Drop hanger, Open door with key, Enter, Get bottle from shelf, Get fan andgloves from drawers and bed.PALACE GROUNDSGo to palace grounds, Get gardening gloves and Wear them.BEAVER HOLEGo to Beaver hole, Enter hatch, Get lard from tub, East, Get tea chest,South-west, Fold napkin and Take it, East, Get sack and Open it.WALNUT TREEGo to Walnut tree, Up, West, Tie line to limb, Drop line, Down, Get hedgehog,Put it in sack and Close sack, Go up.DUCHESS’S HOUSEGo to Duchess’s house, North, East, Put peg on nose, Remove gazettes, Get card,Get lens from case on bookcase, North-east, East, Remove shoes and Drop them,Get slippers from under bed and wear them. West, South, East, Pull rope, West,Get knife and key from table, (All the following in ONE command!:) Opencupboard, Get jug, Close cupboard, East, Pull rope, West, North, Down, East,Open cabinet with glass key, Get pass.FOUNTAINGo to fountain, Hold potion bottle in mist.HORSE CHESTNUT TREEGo to tree, Fill saucer with cream from jug, Get sugar.MUSHROOMGo to Mushroom, Give sherbert to caterpiller (note which side of the mushroomgives what effect), Cut left/right side of mushroom with knife (you need onepiece of growth mushroom and the rest, shrink mushroom, put in seperatecontainers and keep track of it).PALACEGo to Palace, Enter and show pass to guard, Give pink gloves and fan to Rabbit,West, Get hook from coat-of-arms, Go to conservatory and get handle, Go tothrone room, Get growth chunk and Eat it, Stand on Queen’s throne, Pull bellpull, Get down, South, Get card, North, Go to kitchen, Get steak, South-West,Open door with cellar key, North-East, Ask Chef about paper, Go upstairs tolanding.