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Postal 2 : Apocalypse Weekend

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Cheat Codes

Press the (SHIFT) and the [@] key or the [~] key (on some systems) to make the console window appear. Then type any of the following codes:

full ammo and full life – WhyDoIPlay
gives you 100% health – InjectLife
Cop Uniform – iamthelaw
Leaves you with 1 Health – iamsolame
flying modes – likeabirdy
Gimp Suit – smackdatass
lots of cash – jewsforjesus
leave you with 1 health – alamode
lots of dog treats – boyandhisdog
retuen to regular walking mode – walk
cats bounce off walls – OFF – splodincats
cats bounce off walls – ON – boppincats
shoot cats from guns – OFF – dockincats
shoot cats from guns – ON – rockincats
body armor – blockmyass
lots of health pipes – headshop
lots of catnip – iamtheone
rocket cam – fireinyourhole
lots of spinning cats – catfancy
Hit Enemy in head with hammer for silly slo-mo – limbsnapper
Throw Lots of Hammers – hulksmash
enables 1 shot kills when shot in head – headshots
All Weapons – gunrack
Full Ammo – blastacap
Throw Lots of Scythes – reaperoflove
Throw Lots of Machettes – bladey
Fly mode – Fly


Type “Sissy” in the console window while in-game then:enter “set P2Player bGodMode True” to make you invincible or “set P2Player bGodMode True” to make you mortal.These codes must be entered while you are playing in maps.