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Welcome to the gritty and dangerous world of Gangland, a thrilling PC game that puts you in the shoes of a rising mob boss looking to take over the criminal underworld. In this immersive strategy game, you’ll need to build up your crew, expand your territory, and eliminate rival gangs in order to rise to the top.

With its realistic graphics and intense gameplay, Gangland will keep you on the edge of your seat as you navigate the treacherous streets of a city filled with crime and corruption. Make strategic decisions, engage in intense shootouts, and outsmart your enemies to establish your dominance and become the ultimate kingpin.

But be warned, in Gangland, trust is a luxury and betrayal is always lurking around the corner. Will you rise to power through cunning and strategy, or will you fall victim to the cutthroat world of organized crime? The choice is yours in Gangland.

Gangland Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Various Codes
Press the ~ key to drop down the console, and enter the following cheats:

Code – Effect

cheat loonies – Get a crazy guy who can hold 2 tommys
cheat alienprophets – Get fake cops
cheat irissuxx – Message Yeah!
cheat iwillmakethefamilyrich – Get 1 Lawyer
cheat iwillripyourarmsoff- Get 1 Enforcer
cheat youlittlehottieyou – Get 1 Seductress
cheat pocketsfullofdough – Get 1 businessmean
cheat yourliverlandedoverthere – Get 1 Bazooka guy
cheat youhadbetterwearkevlar – Get 1 Blackwidow
cheat trustmewithyourlife – Get 1 Bodyguard
cheat ihavetenpoundfists – Get 1 Super Bouncer
cheat likeatonofbricks – Get 1 bomber
cheat youwillbestunned – Get 1 assassin
cheat whatwasbrieflyyoursisnowmine – Get 1 thief
cheat iwilltakecareofyou – Get 1 Big Momma
cheat thegreatvassilizaitsev – Get 1 sniper
cheat iknowodintoo – Get 1 ninja
cheat kidiseeeverything – No fog of war
cheat wowitsgreattobetheboss – God Mode
cheat needmorelead – Get 1000 of everything
cheat youbetterpay – Get 100000 cash

Cheat mode:
Press “~” during game play to display the console window. Then, type one
of the following codes and press “Enter” to activate the corresponding
cheat function.

Cheat Code
Spawn lawyer cheat iwillmakethefamilyrich
Spawn enforcer cheat iwillripyourarmsoff
Spawn seductress cheat youlittlehottieyou
Spawn businessman cheat pocketsfullofdough
Spawn bazooka guy cheat yourliverlandedoverthere
Spawn blackwidow cheat youhadbetterwearkevlar
Spawn bodyguard cheat trustmewithyourlife
Spawn super bouncer cheat ihavetenpoundfists
Spawn bomber cheat likeatonofbricks
Spawn assassin cheat youwillbestunned
Spawn thief cheat whatwasbrieflyyoursisnowmine
Spawn big momma cheat iwilltakecareofyou
Spawn sniper cheat thegreatvassilizaitsev
Spawn ninja cheat iknowodintoo
Spawn crazy man cheat loonies
Spawn fake police cheat alienprophets
No fog of war cheat kidiseeeverything
God mode cheat wowitsgreattobetheboss
1,000 of everything cheat needmorelead
$100,000 cheat youbetterpay
Programmer message cheat irissuxx