SpeedBuster : American Highways

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Will give you unlimited nitro when entered at the
start or during the race notimelim
Will deactivate checkpoints in the arcade mode when
entered at the start or during the race. tagkiler
If the player is touched from behind by a competitor,
he/she will automatically return to the starting line.
Enter it at the start or during the race. choperview
Will replace the regular Small Map Display in the
left-hand bottom corner with a chopper-cam view
gameTip 1
Don’t waste money on the radar detector. One run-through
of each track is enough to memorize the positions of the
speed traps. gameTip 2
The road map option is very helpful. It will give you
much-needed warnings of corners and help you stay on
course should you get lost in the terrain. gameTip 3
Don’t overuse the nitro. Although it is tempting to lean
on it when you need to catch up after a crash, in most
cases it just sets you up for an even worse crash as you
ricochet off one obstruction after another like a high-
speed pinball.