Motocross Mania

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Cheat :

Cheat mode:Rename your profile to one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat function. You can then rename your profile back to any desired name.Effect Name Unlock all stunts Mad Dog Always advance in championship Vera Champ Extra money Uncle Bill All tracks Beef Cake Enable all cheats Sugar Daddy Hover Biker:Get a stunt score over 500,000 to unlock all of the stunts, collect over $50,000, and set the following garage settings. Brake Gyro: 0 Gear Ratio: -0.95 Suspensions: 0.95

Hint :

Hint: Moves:Note: The following moves require a Gamepad:No Hander: Press R2 + Up.Look Back: Press R2 + Left.Saran Wrap: Press R2 + Right.No Footer: Press R2 + Down.Can-Can: Press R2 + Left, Up.Fist Punch: Press R2 + Up, Right.Front Fender Grab: Press R2 + Down, Right. Nac-Nac: Press R2 + Down, Left.Windsurf: Press R2 + Down, Up.Twist: Press R2 + Up, Down.Prayer: Press R2 + Right, Left.Nothing: Press R1 + Up.Superman: Press R1 + Down.No Footed Can-Can (towards the right): Press R1 + Right. No Footed Can-Can (towards the left ): Press R1 + Left. Flying Rider:Select “Quick Race” at the main menu and choose any track. While riding, hold [Page Up] (Eject). Your rider will fly about 30 or 40 feet higher than normal and fall to the ground. Keep holding [Page Up] and your rider will bounce on or close to the ground and continue to fly.Glitch: Get tossed on water:While riding in a quick race, eject into a pool of water. The water will seem to reject you and throw you around like a rag doll.

Cheat Codes

Rename yourself in the profile menu to:
Mad Dog = All the Stunts
Beef Cake = All the Tracks
Uncle Bill = Lots of Money

This cheat will allow you to qualify for the next stage of the
Championship, irrespective of your position at the end of each
stage. This will also allow you to unlock the tracks of each
stage and also watch the final “Championship Completed” video.
You will not receive money for these races.

1) Create a new profile.
2) Type in “Vera Champ” as your name in the Profile, you must
use this profile name throughout the Championship.