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MDK 2 is an action-packed and thrilling game that will take you on a wild ride through a futuristic world filled with danger and excitement. As a member of the elite team of scientists and soldiers known as the “Most Dangerous Killers,” you must navigate through challenging levels, battle against menacing enemies, and uncover the secrets of a mysterious alien race.

With its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and engaging storyline, MDK 2 will keep you on the edge of your seat as you face off against powerful bosses, solve intricate puzzles, and unleash an arsenal of high-tech weapons and gadgets. Whether you prefer stealthy tactics or all-out firepower, this game offers a variety of gameplay options to suit your playstyle.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable gaming experience as you dive into the fast-paced world of MDK 2. Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge and save the world from impending doom? Grab your weapons, gear up, and get ready to embark on an epic adventure like no other.

MDK 2 Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

God ModeIn-game you can press ‘~’ and enter the following string after the ‘Omen’ prompt to get full invulnerability: mdkGobSetDamageFilter(mdkGetPlayerGob(),0) Looks like the programming language? Yeah – this is trick for the internal game scripting system. But please note that this code must be re-entered periodically because the game doesn’t store previous mode while map block change (block changing can be determined if your HDD reads something heavy and the game slowdowns for a while, or just see what you now is not invlunerable and your health value is decreasing). Hopefully you do not have to re-enter this long code – you can just bring console (‘~’ key) and then press Up-arrow key to get previous command form history. Other codes (entered the same way):God(1) God Mode (Short Version) mdkNewGame(1,12) Jump to Level 1 mdkNewGame(2,12) Jump to Level 2 mdkNewGame(3,12) Jump to Level 3 mdkNewGame(4,12) Jump to Level 4 mdkNewGame(5,11) Jump to Level 5 mdkNewGame(6,8) Jump to Level 6 mdkNewGame(7,11) Jump to Level 7 mdkNewGame(8,8) Jump to Level 8 mdkNewGame(9,13) Jump to Level 9 mdkNewGame(10,7) Jump to Level 10 (Final) mdkNewGame(11,1) Jump to Level 10 #1 (Special) mdkNewGame(12,1) Jump to Level 10 #2 (Special) GodDebugToggle() God Mode on/off Naked KurtType KurtGetNaked() in the console and then mdkNewGame(1,12) then Kurt will be naked when you play level 1. This works for any level that Kurt plays in. Just type KurtGetNaked() and start the level with Kurt in it. Slow-Mo ModeWhen ever you play as Max, the six-legged dog, hold onto the “fire” key and press the “equip up” key four times while holding onto the “fire” key. The screen will say Slo-mo! if the cheat worked. To cancel slo-mo, repeat the cheat.

Cheat mode:
Press ~ during game play, then type one of the following codes at the “Omen”
prompt to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

Level 1 mdkNewGame(1,12)
Level 2 mdkNewGame(2,12)
Level 3 mdkNewGame(3,12)
Level 4 mdkNewGame(4,12)
Level 5 mdkNewGame(5,11)
Level 6 mdkNewGame(6,8)
Level 7 mdkNewGame(7,11)
Level 8 mdkNewGame(8,8)
Level 9 mdkNewGame(9,13)
Level 10 mdkNewGame(10,7)
Level 10/first bonus mdkNewGame(11,1)
Level 10/second bonus mdkNewGame(12,1)
God mode mdkGobSetDamageFilter(mdkGetPlayerGob(),0)
Toggle God mode GodDebugToggle()
Naked Kurt KurtGetNaked()

Toggle slow motion:
Begin game play as Max, then hold [Fire] and press [Equip Up] four times. A
message will confirm correct code entry.