Mortal Kombat 3

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Effect Kombat Kode

No throws 100-100
No blocking 020-020
No power bars 987-123
Half energy for player 1 033-000
Half energy for player 2 000-033
1/4 energy for player 1 707-000
1/4 energy for player 2 000-707
Fight as Smoke 010-696
Dark fighting 688-422
Random morphing 460-460
Dark fighting, random morphing, no blocks, and no power bars 985-125
Unlimited run 466-466
Galaga 642-468
No Fear 282-282
“There is No knowledge that is not power” 123-926
Holds flippers during casino run 987-666
Winner fights Motaro 969-141
Winner fights Noob Saibot 769-342
Winner fights Shao Kahn 033-564
Winner fights Smoke 205-205
Player 1 heals after each hit 101-000
Player 2 heals up after each hit 000-101

Effect Parameter

Short fighters 54321
Very thin fighters 1111
Fat fighters 8888
Tall fighters 12345
Shadow fighters 831
Invisible combatants 1995
Turbo mode 8000
Slow mode 603015
Backwards Kombat 9966
Block causes 99% damage 4862222
Temporarily enable Smoke, with normal CPU 666
Temporarily enable Smoke, with hard CPU 0666
Temporarily enable Bosses in 2-player mode 1000000
Disables blood and fatalities noblood
Enables blood fatalities blood
Disables fatalities noviolence
Enables fatalities violence

Cheat codes:

Start the game by using one of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Multiple codes may be entered at once.

Ultimate Kombat Kodes:

Perform a clockwise sweep of the controller to display the Ultimate Kombat Kodes screen. The icons on the bottom of the VS screen can be changed by pressing the HP, HK, and LK in that order. Player one selects the first three codes and player two controls the last three. When icons are placed in a certain combination, a Kombat Kode is revealed.
Then ten possible icons and number of button presses are: 0: Dragon
1: MK
2: Ying Yang
3: 3 Symbol
4: Question Mark
5: Lightning Bolt
6: Goro
7: Raiden
8: S. Khan
9: Skull

Unlimited continues:

Press Up, Up, Toward, Toward, Away, Away, Down, Down while the game loads. Shao Khan say “Excellent” to confirm correct code entry.

Question mark menu:

Press HP, LP, LK, HK, Block, Block, Run, Run, Block, Block when the story introduction is displayed. The phrase “You will never win” will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Press [Up] when the Mortal Kombat 3 logo and cube appears to display the question mark option.

Use these commands to start the game.

Actions: Results:

MK3 603015 –> Slow motion
MK3 8000 –> Turbo mode
MK3 12345 –> Tall characters
MK3 54321 –> Miniature characters
MK3 1111 –> Miniature characters that float
MK3 8888 –> Jumbo characters
MK3 1995 –> Invisible Kombat
MK3 831 –> Characters turn invisible
MK3 9966 –> Mirror mode
MK3 0666 –> Smoke enabled
MK3 1000000 –> Shao and Monty enabled