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Duke Nukem 3D

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Duke Nukem 3D is a classic first-person shooter game that revolutionized the gaming industry with its groundbreaking graphics, immersive gameplay, and unforgettable one-liners. Players take on the role of Duke Nukem, a wise-cracking, cigar-smoking, gun-toting hero on a mission to save the world from an alien invasion.

With a wide array of weapons at your disposal, including shotguns, rocket launchers, and shrink rays, you’ll blast your way through hordes of alien enemies in a variety of dynamic and interactive environments. From futuristic cityscapes to seedy strip clubs, Duke Nukem 3D offers a diverse and engaging gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But it’s not just about shooting aliens – Duke Nukem 3D also features clever puzzles, hidden secrets, and plenty of opportunities for exploration. Whether you’re uncovering Easter eggs, finding hidden weapons, or just admiring the detailed level design, there’s always something new to discover in this action-packed game.

So grab your shades, load up your weapons, and get ready to kick some alien butt in Duke Nukem 3D. With its fast-paced gameplay, humor, and iconic protagonist, this game is a must-play for any fan of the first-person shooter genre. Are you ready to save the world, Duke Nukem style?

Duke Nukem 3D Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Hidden messages:Hold [Shift] and press [F3], [F4], [F5], [F6], [F7], or [F8]. Enable God mode on “Damn I’m Good” difficulty level:Begin a new game under the “Come Get Some” difficulty level. Enable the “God mode” code, then start a new game under the “Damn I’m Good” difficulty level. Cheat mode:Quickly type one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The cheat code keys should not be mapped to other game functions.Effect Code “Buy Major Striker” message dnallen “Pirates Suck” message dnbeta “Register Cosmo Today” message dncosmo Press [Space] for money dncashman No clipping dnclip View coordinates dncoords Invincibility dncornholio, dncross, or dnkroz View debug information dndebug Steroids dnhyper Full inventory dninventory All items dnitems All keys dnkeys No monsters dnmonsters View frame rate, sound number dnrate Level select dnscotty Full map dnshowmap Change difficulty level1 dnskill All weapons, power ups, access cards, ammo dnstuff Unlock all doors dnunlock Chase view dnview All weapons. dnweapons Macintosh 1984 commercial2 dn1984 Last episode dnending Full health dneat Full ammo dnnuk Display unknown message dntime or dntodd 1. Enter dnskill0 for no monsters.2. Locate the projection room in level 1, activate the switch near the window to open the curtains, then enable this code.

Actions: Results:

DNCORNHOLIO: –> God mode (toggles)
DNKROZ: –> God mode (toggles)
DNAMMO: –> all ammo full
DNWEAPONS: –> all available weapons
DNUNLOCK: –> unlocks all doors
DNITEMS: –> keys… items…etc.
DNSTUFF: –> keys, weapons, ammo
DNRATE: –> shows rate
DNCLIP: –> walk-through-walls
DNHYPER: –> steroids!
DNENDING: –> ends the episode
DNVIEW: –> Follow mode, watch duke
DNCASHMAN: –> Duke throws out cash
DNMONSTERS: –> Remove all monsters!
DNWARP[epis][level]: –> jump episodes & levels
DNSCOTTY[epis][level]: –> jump episodes & levels
DNSKILL[skill 1-5]: –> Start level with skill#