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Command & Conquer: Generals

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Command & Conquer: Generals is a thrilling and intense real-time strategy game that puts players in command of powerful armies and cutting-edge technology. Set in a modern world filled with political intrigue and military conflict, players must strategically manage resources, build bases, and lead their forces to victory against enemy factions.

With three unique factions to choose from – the United States, China, and the Global Liberation Army – players can experience different playstyles and strategies as they navigate through a series of challenging missions and multiplayer battles. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, requiring players to adapt and think on their feet to outsmart their opponents.

The game features stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, and a dynamic gameplay experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats. From intense skirmishes to epic battles, Command & Conquer: Generals offers a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience for fans of real-time strategy games.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Command & Conquer: Generals is sure to provide hours of entertainment and strategic gameplay. So gear up, rally your troops, and prepare for war in this epic PC game that will test your skills and challenge your strategic thinking.

Command & Conquer: Generals Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Multiplayer allies
When you are playing a multiplayer game, if there are two allies, make one of them GLA. Now build a tunnel network beside your friend and give him troopers and vehicles.

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “skirmishstats.ini” file in the “command and conquer generals data” folder. It can be found in “c:my documents” or “c:documents and settingsadministrator” in Windows XP. Change the Honors line to “Honors = 999999999999999”. If you do not have the Honors line, enter that line under the Challenge line.

Activate all cheats
Bring up the map, click on it, then type: allcheats.

Ghost town
Make your base invisible by doing the following. Bring down console, then type in ghost town.

Build order
Here is a suggested order in which you can build your base so that you get lots of money as quickly as possible. Note that this is only one method, and that there are plenty of other build orders that are just as good. Deploy the Moveable Construction Vehicle, then build power, barracks, refinery, power, weapons factory, then harvester (1 or 2). You should now be earning a steady income which you can build upon.

Change weapon cost
Edit the INI.big file in your game directory using a hex editor. Do not change the length of the file or the game will not work. Just overwrite the text as required.

For Example:
Search for “BuildCost” and overwrite it: “BuildCost = 0000”

Play as Russia
Bring up the command console then type the following to get units with names from some of the old Command and Conquer game titles: Russia:Yuri_Relived.

Submitted By : Irosha
first of all the target file “ini.big” which is in your generals game folder must be backed up cos if something goes wrong you will have to replace a copy of the backed up “ini.big” file.
you must have a hex editor to do this cheat.
now you must have a copy of the orinial “ini.big” in your game directory.
open it with your hex editor. you will see that this is a collection of .ini files. for example there are rank.ini file, specialpower.ini file etc. read these files carefully and you will understand them. now replace the numaric values as you please but keep in mind that you must not alter the file length.
for example if there is a value say “0” then the max value you can replace it is “9”. every unit in the game has it fire power, reload time etc fixed in some where in the file.
the specialpower.ini file has those special generals powers described.depending on your side you must change the statistics of your units and buildings. for example if you want to change the building cost of your war factory, find the section that say “warfactory” “side = america” then change the build cost from 2000 to 0010. then change the build time from 30 seconds to 02 seconds. like wise very carefully change your side’s stats. the more you read each sub ini file section the more you gain knowlage of the whole game’s stats.
if for some reson after you have change the copy of “ini.big” and the game want start then delete the “ini.big” file in the game directory and put a copy from the backed up iriginal “ini.big” to the game directory.

All Badges
Go locate the command and conquer generals data folder. It can be found in
DRIVE:my documents -or- driveletter:documents and settingsadministrator
Locate and use Notepad (or a similar text editor) to open skirmishstats.ini
You want to copy over the contents of the whole file with the following:

BestWinStreak = 999
Challenge = 0
Honors = 999999999999999
LastHouse = China
LoyalGames = 999
Nuke = 100
PPC = 100
SCUD = 100
WinStreak = 999
Wins = 999
mapsalpine assaultalpine assault.map_4 = 100
mapsarmored furyarmored fury.map_4 = 100
mapsdark mountaindark mountain.map_4 = 100
mapsdesert furydesert fury.map_4 = 100
mapsfallen empirefallen empire.map_4 = 100
mapsfinal crusadefinal crusade.map_4 = 100
mapsfortress avalanchefortress avalanche.map_4 = 100
mapsgolden oasisgolden oasis.map_4 = 100
mapsheartland shieldheartland shield.map_4 = 100
mapshomeland alliancehomeland alliance.map_4 = 100
mapslone eaglelone eagle.map_4 = 100
mapsrogue agentrogue agent.map_4 = 100
mapssand serpentsand serpent.map_4 = 100
mapsscorched earthscorched earth.map_4 = 100
mapssilent riversilent river.map_4 = 100
mapstournament deserttournament desert.map_4 = 100
mapstournament islandtournament island.map_4 = 100
mapstournament laketournament lake.map_4 = 100
mapstournament tundratournament tundra.map_4 = 100
mapstwilight flametwilight flame.map_4 = 100
mapswasteland warlordswasteland warlords.map_4 = 100
mapswhiteoutwhiteout.map_4 = 100
mapswinter wolfwinter wolf.map_4 = 100