Zero Divide

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Cheat :

Hidden Mini Game While the game is powering up, hold down the SELECT and START buttons on the player two controller. keep holding down the buttons as the developer’s logo appears on the screen and Phalanx!, a full-length shooter, will appear. Phalanx! Invulnerability For invincibility, go to Phalanx’s option screen, highlight the speed aption and press Left/Up, L2, R2, and Triangle at the same time. The background screen should turn red. To access the game, see other code.

Tiny Phalanx Game:

To play a small version of the shooter Phalanx, turn the game on and
wait for the Zoom logo. At the Zoom logo, press and hold Start and
Select on controller 2. Now you can play Tiny Phalanx!

Watch Mode:

To watch two computer controlled opponents fight each other at the
Title Screen, press and hold L1, L2, R1, and R2. With “1 Player”
highlighted, press and hold Down. The cursor should be on “VS Play.”
With the four buttons and Down still held down, press Start. Now you
can pick any two fighters you want and watch the computer fight it