Virtua Fighter Kids

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Wire Frame Mode
To enable wire frame mode complete the game at Hard difficulty. Then, at the character selection screen, hold L + R until the next game begins.

Play as Dural
To play as Dural, highlight Akira at the player select screen and press Down, Up, Right, Left + A.

Movie Room
Beat the game in arcade mode on normal or higher difficulty. Once you beat the game with a character, the FMV for that character will be in the movie room option. Do this for all characters to have access to all their movies.

Fish Head Dural
To see a fish inside Dural’s head, select Dural with an alternate costume. When the prompt for Normal or Kids mode appears, hold C until the match begins.

Combo Master Mode
To enable Combo Master mode, choose a fighter. Highlight Normal and Kid modes at the mode selection screen and press up 10 times. (The words “Combo Master” confirm correct entry.)

Choose Camera Angle
To choose a camera angle, press A, B, C, L, R, Y or Z. For a randomly chosen perspective, press X.

Alternate Colors for Dural
To fight as Dural with a particular costume color, highlight Akira and enter the corresponding code below.

Blue — Up, Down, Right, Left + A
Gold — Down, Up, Left, Right + A
Red — Up, Down, Left, Right + A
Red w/ white eyes — Up (2), Down, A + Up
Yellow/green — Left, Right, Down, A + Up

Wireframe Mode:

Start a new game and at the mode-select screen, pick “Arcade Mode.”
Then pick any fighter at the player-select screen. When the box
appears with the Normal and Kids modes, press and hold the L button,
then select either mode. Hold L until the match begins. When the fight
starts, you will have a battle like the first-person Punch-Out game!

Play as Dural:

To play as silver-colored Dural, do the following at the fighter
select screen: Press Down, Up, Right, then A and Left simultaneously.
Silver Dural appears in the figher box.

To play as gold-colored Dural:

Do the following at the fighter-select screen: Press Up, Down, Left,
then press A and Right simultaneously. Gold Dural appears in the
fighter box.