Sega Saturn

Dragon Force

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Avoid Desertions
If you are tired of listening to your generals to see if they may desert in the next round, try this. Leave yourself some awards, save the game, select DONE in the Domestic Mode. Your chancellor will tell you who left your troops. Now simply remember these names and restart the game by pressing A + B + C + Start.
Start the saved game, promote the ‘disloyal’ characters and they won’t desert. If you have no awards left, you can donate a Faith Coin to them. This is also useful if you need to save your awards (and soldiers) for your main fighting characters.

Mercenaries and thiefs normally get unhappy if they were used in combat and get no awards afterwards. To prevent them from desertion, deploy them to far-away castles for potato planting, but don’t let them fight. They will not make trouble any more.

For an audio treat, listen to the bloopers that occured while recording the voices in Dragon Force. To do this, beat the game, then watch the credits. Then at the “Fin” screen, wait about 5 minutes. After that the bloopers will start automatically.

Control the Zombie
To make the Zombie fight for you, send some of your intelligent fighters (INT => 70) to the towns Magicka or Stalwart. Here you will find more than enough Spirit Crests to recruit the Zombie.

Debug Mode
When the “Press Start” screen appears, hold L + R + X + Z and press Down, Down, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Right, Right, and Start. If done correctly, you will hear an error bleep and the words “Debug Mode” will appear on the bottom of the screen.

WARNING! This code can crash the game.

Don’t Let the Bosses Escape
If you fight one of the main generals (LEON, JUNON, REINHART, TEIRIS, WEIN, GONGOS, or MIKHAL) make sure that they have no castles left. Even when being captured during a struggle, they normally escape to a castle which belongs to their kingdom. With no hideout left they are forced to stay.

End Skull Children Attacks Permanently
Annoyed by those annoying immortal soldiers? Defeat the first general completely than kill all of the second general’s army but let him escape. He will proceed to the nearest village. As long as no one attacks him the skull children will never attack again!

Getting Vlad
Go to the Fiend Tower with your monarch as quickly as possible. Vlads troops are zombies, so Harpies will be very useful! If you were quick enough it should be an easy battle.

Getting Zanon with Gongos
First use the debug code and select Gongos as your ruler. After the opening introduction when the first domestic affair appears go down to events. Select the last event and Zanon will be one of your generals. The cool thing is that Zanon will be equiped with the Eclisis and will be very powerfull only taking 1 hp damage per hit. You might want to save it right away and reset the game so you can play the game without debug mode on.

Hidden Character
In addition to the known fighters, there’s a hidden dragon-man by the name of Vangal. His location varies depending upon your chosen character. Here’s how to find him:

Wein: Second village to the WEST of GALFIEL
Mikhal: First town SOUTH of DANYAN.
Teiris: Second village to the WEST of GALFIEL
Leon: Village EAST of Fiend Tower
Gongos: Village EAST of Fiend Tower
Junon: Village EAST of Fiend Tower
Reinhart: Village NORTH to ESTONIA
How to Get Hayate and Shirox
North of Bozack castle there are two towns next to each other. Send your monarch to the left town and you will encounter Shirox, a somewhat powerful ninja. After defeating him, the ninja Hayate will talk to you. At your military conference, they’ll talk about the incident. If your monarch knows he’s part of the Dragon Force, then send him to that same town where you will duel Hayate. Whether you win or lose, both Hayate and Shirox will join you. Note:This will not work if you’re Goldark.

Observe Thy Neighbor
Watch the neighbouring kingdoms for action to make conquering castles easy!

Deploy some of your armies in villages which are located near an enemy castle. If two enemy troops battle to conquer/defend this castle, just wait until the struggle has ended.

Now deploy your army to the castle immediately. If you’re quick enough, the armies inside the castle will not have had time to reinforce their troops.