Sega Saturn

World Series Baseball II

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Easy Home Runs
When playing as the Yankees in exhibition mode, put Paul O’Neill or Bernie Williams in your line up (they should all ready be there). Then whenever they come up move them all the way left in the batters box (no where else) and they should 95% hit a home run, a long fly ball, or a hit. This should work with other players of other teams with their batting staces. Remember this only works 95% of the time when your lefty.

Switch Camera Angles
This code works in the Homerun Derby. After you hit the ball and the ball is in flight, press Right Shift to switch camera views.

Easy Strike-Outs
If you’re a right handed pitcher going against a left handed hitter there’s a technique which you can use to get a strikeout almost 99% of the time. The first pitch can be anything you want but make sure it’s a strike. Afterwards, use the Right Shift button and shift as far as possible to the right side (same side as your left handed hitter). Press C and as soon as your throw begins, move your d-pad slowly to the left, outside his batting range. Do this twice and you’re guaranteed a strike-out at any level. Even the Legends level falls for this.