Nintendo DS

Naruto Shippuuden : Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 5

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These characters need to be purchased from various shops.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
DeidaraComplete the game, then buy from Neji’s Experience Shop.
GaaraComplete the game, then buy from Naruto’s Experience Shop.
ItachiComplete the game, then buy from Sakura’s Experience Shop.
JirayaAlready available for purchase at Naruto’s Experience Shop.
KankuroAlready available for purchase at Neji’s Experience Shop
KisameComplete the game, then buy from Kakashi’s Experience Shop.
Red Haired SasoriComplete the game, then buy from Rock Lee’s Experience Shop.
ShikamaruAlready available for purchase at Rock Lee’s Experience Shop.
TemariAlready available for purchase at Kakashi’s Experience Shop.
TsunadeAlready available for purchase at Sakura’s Experience Shop.