Nintendo DS

New Super Mario Bros.

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Step into the Mushroom Kingdom and join Mario on his latest adventure in “New Super Mario Bros.” for the Nintendo DS. This classic side-scrolling platformer brings the beloved plumber back to his roots with challenging levels, familiar enemies, and exciting power-ups.

Players will guide Mario through eight different worlds, each filled with unique obstacles and hidden secrets. From jumping on Goombas to dodging fireballs from Bowser, the game offers a nostalgic experience for fans of the franchise.

But it’s not just about running and jumping – “New Super Mario Bros.” introduces new gameplay elements like Mega Mushrooms and Mini Mushrooms that allow Mario to grow to massive sizes or shrink down to fit through tight spaces. These power-ups add a new level of strategy to the gameplay, keeping players on their toes as they navigate through each level.

With its colorful graphics, catchy music, and addictive gameplay, “New Super Mario Bros.” is a must-have for any Nintendo DS owner. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer to the Mushroom Kingdom, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages. So grab your stylus and get ready to save Princess Peach once again in this timeless classic.

New Super Mario Bros. Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Skip from world 1 to world 5

Go to the tower in world 1 with the blue shell power-up. Get to the first pipe that shoots you up into the air. On your way back down, there is a gold door. Go in it. There will be a bunch of randomly moving platforms. On the right, there is a gap that always stays the same size. Go through here. Next, you will see three blocks. Use the blue shell ability to break them all, then break the last 3 after that. Go through to the right and finish the level. Now you will unlock the world 1 cannon, which will blast you to world 5.

Hard to get Star-Coin

Near the end of the stage, you’ll find a block that produces a vine if you Ground-Pound it. Instead of pounding it, slide off the purple mushroom platform and jump beneath the block to reveal an invisible block. Leap from that to punch the Vine Block, then climb into the clouds. There you’ll find a second Vine Block that will take you to a Star Coin you can easily long-jump to.

Unlock Original Mario Bros theme and fireworks

If you beat a level with a time left of x11, x22, x33, x44 etc you get fireworks and the original mario level completion song will play.

Unlock Warp Cannon to World 7

Complete Alternate Route in World 4s Ghost House.

Warp Zone Cannons

In some worlds, there are cannons you can access (usually through taking secret exits). When you enter the cannon area, there will be a large cannon in the area, and a world number written below it. If you want to warp, simply drop into the cannon and off you go! Here is a list of the known warp zones thus far:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
World 5 Warp #1Take the secret exit from the World 1 Tower.
World 5 Warp #2Take the secret exit from Stage 2-A.
World 6 WarpTake the secret exit from the World 3 Ghost House.
World 7 WarpTake the secret exit from the World 4 Ghost House.
World 8 WarpTake the secret exit from the World 5 Ghost House.

Extra Lives at Flagpoles

As you may know, jumping onto the flagpole at the stage’s end will net you some points (up to 8000). In this game, if you somehow manage to jump high enough and land on the very top of the flagpole, you will automatically receive a 1-Up.

Blue Toad House

Once you beat the game, a blue toad house will appear above World 1-1. In it, there are five different backgrounds for the touch screen. The only problem is that each one costs 20 star coins and the fifth one isn’t unlocked yet. To unlock it, you have to get rid of every star coin sign from world 1 to 8.

Unlock World 7

Defeat the boss in the last castle of World 5 as Mini Mario

Unlock World 4

Defeat the boss in the last castle of World 2 as Mini Mario

Infinite Lives World 1-4

Right before the big block structure get the koopa’s shell and run to the pipe with non-stop goombas coming out of it right before the end of the level, go in the middle of the pipe and the wall and kick the shell. Jump every time it comes towards you and you can stack up 99 lives in a matter of minutes!

Skip from World 5 to 8

You must unlock the World 5 Cannon to travel from World 5 to 8. To unlock the cannon enter the World 5 Ghost House. Get a Mushroom from the blocks. Now, keep advancing up the stairs untill you get to a place with 3 brick blocks on the left side of the screen. Stand on top of them and jump, to reveal 3 invisible blocks. Now wall jump on the left side to get on top of them. Stand on the middle raised block and duck. Jump, to reveal a block with vine in it. Climb up the vine and a Boxing Ghost will see you. Once he breaks out, jump off the vine to avoid taking damage from the Ghost. Kill it and climb back up, and enter the door. Kill the two Walking Pumpkins and stand in the middle. The platform will wobble and as long as you stay in the center you should be ok. When it reaches the top, exit and Jump on the flag pole. A path will open to the cannon on the World Map. Enter and use the cannon to get to world 8, the last World.

Get a Ton of Lives World 1-1

Once you get a hang of the game, preferably once you beat it, go to W 1-1. Once you get about 2/3 into the level (view the bottom screen to see), hit one of the question mark boxes and a mega mushroom should come out. Then break as much stuff as you can (try not to jump unless you need to). Like tubes, enemies, bricks, etc. The bar at the top while you are mega Mario shows how much stuff you’ve broken. The most I’ve gotten is five 1UPs. If you continue to do this, you will get x99 lives.

Warp from World 2 to World 5

In Secret Level 2-A, there is a secret exit to the level that will get you access to the warp cannon in World 2. Near the end of the level, there is one last spin jump platform you need to use to reach the final star coin. Instead of stopping once you get the last star coin, continue falling to the right and hit the jump button at the same time you land on the red turtle on the final platform. This will give you enough jump height to reach the platform with the pipe up above you in the little alcove. Go through the pipe and exit the level via the red flag.

Play as Luigi in single player mode

At the “select a file” screen, keep pressed L and R buttons and choose one of your saved game files with the A button. Now you’ll play in the game as Luigi instead of Mario!

Get an Extra Life

Get a tiny mushroom and at the end of the level where the flag is, hold down the jump button. Go over it and you’ll get a life.

Save Anywhere

To save your game anywhere on the map screen, beat the final castle in World 8. When you restart, you will have a star next to your save and you’ll get the “Save” option added to your menu in the map screen.

Mario Bros. reference

Complete a stage with a time having the last three digits as 111, 222, 333, or 444 to hear the classic Mario Bros. stage completion song with fireworks.

More Alternate Levels

Its really very obvious where these ones are actually. All you have to do is pay 5 star coins on the world map to gain access to an alternate level. NOTE: Make sure the path leads somewhere, and not to a mushroom house.

Play as Luigi:
Hold “L + R” and press “A” to select a saved game file to play as
Luigi in single player mode.