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Nintendogs: Best Friends

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Nintendogs: Best Friends is a heartwarming virtual pet simulation game developed for the Nintendo DS. In this delightful game, players have the opportunity to adopt and care for their very own adorable puppy companions. From choosing the perfect breed to teaching them tricks and providing them with love and attention, players will form a special bond with their virtual furry friends.

With realistic graphics and intuitive touch-screen controls, Nintendogs: Best Friends offers a truly immersive and interactive experience. Players can take their puppies for walks, participate in obedience trials, and even enter them in exciting agility competitions. The game also features a variety of toys, accessories, and grooming tools to keep your puppies happy and healthy.

Whether you’re a dog lover or simply looking for a fun and relaxing gaming experience, Nintendogs: Best Friends is sure to capture your heart. So grab your stylus and get ready to embark on a paw-some adventure with your new best friends!

Nintendogs: Best Friends Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks


Stroke your dog’s head from top to bottom.

Roll over:

While lying on the floor, move the stylus on its body in a horizontal motion (left to right, or right to left.)

When on its back, have the dog lie on its side and move the stylus on its body in a horizontal motion.

Easy items

Take your dog for a walk and make sure you have another accessory to change into. Try to go in as many “?” boxes as possible before you go to the park. As soon as you put the line into the park, go directly home. Go through your walk as normal, getting items, meeting dogs, etc., until you reach the park. Once you get to the park, go directly to “Accessories”. Change your dogs accessories immediately, then tap “Back”. The message “Saving: Don’t Turn Off Power” should appear. After it is done saving, turn off the power. Turn it back on, and you will still have all the items collected, and can go for another walk. Note: You will not get owner points for this. Also, your dog’s stamina will not increase.

Avoid losing ranking:

Before entering competitions, save the game. If you do badly, turn off the before the competition ends to avoid any ranking loss. Note: Whenever this is done, the leader’s score will change.

Agility training:

Go to the gymnasium and train your dog on the agility course. It changes with each contest you win.

Question marks on the map:

While marking out where you want to go on the map, try to get as many question marks as you can along the way. There would be either other dogs or gifts that your dog would find with each question mark.


Repeatedly tap the stylus above the dog’s head. The dog may be more inclined to jump if it consistently wags its tail.


Get 2,000 owner points.

Outer Space room:

Get 18,000 owner points (costs $100,000).

Mario hat

While walking your dog, find a Red Hat at one of the question marks. Finish walking your dog, put on the Red Hat (under “Accessories”), and look at your dog; it is a Mario hat.

Natural Dog Food Bag:

Get 10,000 owner points.

Flip from back:

Teach your dog roll over and jump. Tell it to roll over then quickly have it jump. It should flip forward onto its legs, with something that resembles a Kung Fu-style move.

Back flip:

Teach your dog to sit and jump. While it is sitting, tell it to jump. Your dog should do a back flip.

Get your dog to lie on its back, then tell your dog to jump. It will perform a somersault in the air.

To do a back flip from a sitting position, tell it to sit, then jump.

High five:

When you brush your dog’s hair, touch their front paw with your stylus and drag it up. Once you have done that, let go and its paw will shake for about five seconds.

Easier training:

When teaching your dog to sit, do not say “sit down”, just say “sit.” By doing this, when you teach it “lay down,” it will not get confused. When teaching it to shake, do not say “shake”. Instead, say “shake hands”. By doing this, it will not get sit confused with shake.

Instead of saying “sit” and “lie down”, say “one” for sit or “two” for lie down. Your dog will most likely get confused when you say “six”. This will takes awhile but is a very easy way to win obedience trials.

Other treats:

When a bone or light bulb appears when you are training your dog, use the stylus to drag it over its mouth. Your dog will eat it.

While interacting with your dog at home, if you give it enough love by petting and scratching it, a golden dog bone of light will appear. You can give it to your dog as a bonus treat.

Break dance:

Teach your dog spin and roll over. Make it roll over. While it is on its back, tell it to spin. Your dog should spin around on his back, almost like break dancing.

Have your dog lie on his back then tell it to spin. It will proceed to do a doggie version of a shoulder roll.

Getting money:

Go on a lot of walks, getting as many question marks as you can along the way. Then, go to the second hand store and sell all the items you do not want or your dog(s) do not like. Some items are less then a dollar, but the amount adds up if you keep doing this.

When out on walks, it is best to feed and water your dog just before you go (if its hungry or thirsty). By doing this, instead of finding trash, they will be much more likely to find presents. You will see a white box with red ribbons around it. Try walking slow because you cannot go backwards. Touch it with the stylus. Your dog will bring it to you. These items are the ones that are worth more. The tri-color ribbon is worth ten dollars, and the Moai Statue is worth one hundred dollars.


Get 300 owner points.

Secret shedding records:

If you walk your dog very often, you will eventually find an item called “Secret Shedding Record”. This item plays strange music when you activate it from the music icon in your supplies menu. There are four records in the game. These are extremely rare.

Stand or beg:

Pet the dog’s throat to make it tilt its head up. Once the head is facing up, stroke his throat from bottom to top. Alternately, touch its belly and slide the stylus up to its neck.

Walking your dog:

When walking your dog and it seems edgy, give the leash a little tug towards the way it is walking. The dog will start running. Also, if you want you can give it a tug while running upwards, it will do a jump.

Toy Poodle

Get 8,000 owner points to unlock the Toy Poodle breed at the kennel.

Spin or run in a circle:

Grab your dog’s tail and hold it in front of its face. It will run in a circle, chasing its tail.

Shetland Sheepdog

Get 4,000 owner points to unlock the Shetland Sheepdog breed at the kennel.


When linking copies of Nintendogs to unlock new breeds, keep in mind two things. You can only link with another Nintendo DS system once (and unlock a new breed). The breed unlocked corresponds with your partner’s current pet, and it must be a breed that you do not have in order for it to be unlocked.

Pull Rope:

Get 300 owner points.

Deleting tricks:

On the camera view of your dogs, tap the question mark under the dog’s picture. It will bring up a screen with the dog’s information on it, such as name, age, gender, etc. At the bottom is a button to go to the “Trick List”. Tap on a trick, and tap “OK” for the dog to forget that trick. If you delete the trick by accident, you can re-teach the dog the same trick, and name it all the same.


Put your dog by camera and it might bend down and sniff. Hit the light and say “sniff”. Do this frequently and it might learn sniff.

Northern European room

Get 40,000 owner points to unlock the Northern European room (costs $5,000) in the interior decorator.


Before attempting the hop, your dog must know the commands to stand and dance. Have your dog do a little jiggy dance. Once your dog is dancing, tell it to jump and it will start hopping.

Jump Rope:

Get 300 owner points.

RC helicopter:

Go on a walk and you may find an RC helicopter as one of the question marks. Hold A to take off, the D-Pad to maneuver, and L to change the camera view. Note: They can be sold for $200.

More trick and competition opportunities

Your dog can only learn a certain amount of tricks a day, while the same goes for competitions. To get additional chances at tricks and competitions, change the system date to to the previous day and set the time to 23:59. Exit the menu and turn off the DS. Immediately turn it back on and load the game. You will see the previous day and time shown. After one minute it will be an entire new day, allowing more tricks to be taught and competitions to be won. This can earn you more money if you win the competition. When you want to follow the normal order of things, just set the date and time back to the correct values.


Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Boxer breed at the kennel.


This could be done either standing or sitting. Grab your dog’s paw and move it up and down.

Blue circles on the map:

While on walks, blue circles represent places to go to the bathroom.


On a walk search for the “?” and you might find a dartboard. Note: It is a Frisbee.

Mario items

Take your dog for lots of walks and collect as many presents as you can. Eventually you will get a Mario hat, a Luigi hat, a rubber mushroom and a “?” block (from Super Mario Bros.). While on a walk you may find a Mario theme music box. You can play the Mario theme song on it by spinning the crank with the stylus.

Desktop room:

Get 6,000 owner points (costs $20,000).

Gold Bar:

While walking your dog you have a rare chance of getting a valuable item called the “Gold Bar” as a “?” mark. At the secondary shop, it is worth $2,000.

Seaside room:

Get 12,000 owner points (costs $50,000).

Beautiful coat dogs:

Give your dog a bath when the dog’s information page for coat reads “Clean”. This will also make the dog like you more.

Trainer information:

The name registered in your Nintendo DS will show appear on the screen as the owner’s name, as well as your date of birth. You can change your picture to their choices of avatar pictures. There are eight choices all together.

Reset data:

Hold L + R + A + B + X + Y at the Nintendo logo to delete your saved data. Shih

Losing contests:

In certain classes of contests, if you get below a certain score you will drop a class.

Determining “?” box content:

When you find a “?” box during a walk, if you dog barks once it is a present. If it barks twice, it is another dog.

When walking your dog, if you find a present wait until the dog runs off the screen. If it turns white, it will be a trainer. If it does not, it is a present.

While walking your dog, watch the top screen and the dog icon. If the small dog icon starts walking in place while your dog is still walking forward on the bottom screen, one of two things is about to happen. Either there is a pile of garbage on the path ahead or there is a hidden gift on the path ahead. The dog icon will only stop for about five seconds; make sure to watch it carefully.

Mario items:

Keep taking your dog for walks and collect as many presents as you can. Eventually you will get a Mario hat, a Luigi hat, a rubber mushroom (from Super Mario Bros.) and a “?” block (from Super Mario Bros.).

When on a walk you may find a Mario theme music box. You can play the Mario theme song on it by spinning the crank with the stylus.

Desktop room

Get 6,000 owner points to unlock the Desktop room (costs $20,000) in the interior decorator.

Training locations:

Each contest should be trained at a different place (disc competition at the park, agility at the gymnasium, and obedience at an empty park or house).

Mario hat:

When taking your dog on a walk, find a Red Hat in one of the question marks. Finish walking your dog, put on the Red Hat (under “Accessories”), and look at your dog. It is a Mario hat.


When the dog is staring at you, you can touch his nose and it will sneeze. The light bulb will appear . Click on the name and say “sneeze”. Do this for awhile and it will learn sneeze. Note: You can do this while sitting, standing ,and laying down.

Raising more than three dogs:

The Dog Hotel will hold up to five dogs at a time. The three that you can raise do not count with the five, making it possible to raise as many as eight dogs.

Longer walks:

Mark out the path on your map, ending it at the house. If your last few steps ends at the house, wait 25 minutes, then your dog can go slighter further on the next walk. Note: Make sure to water your dog after each walk.

Windup Toy:

Get 10,000 owner points.

Disc training:

Go to the park, and keep training your dog until you get a message. Use a Frisbee, tennis ball, rubber bone, or a stick to train it.

When playing fetch with your dog, after you throw a bone, Frisbee, stick, or tennis ball in the park or homeplace, to retrieve the item tap the screen at least five times to get their attention. Then, play a tug-o-war until you have it again.

Easy owner points:

Play with a disk, ball, or something. Every time your pup gets it, call it over (or tap the screen a few times.). When he comes, pet it on the head for a few seconds. He should sparkle, giving you one or two owner points. This also makes it easier to get the toy back and repeat.

Promise Ring:

This ring can be found on a walk. It is worth $1,000.

Advanced tricks:

The majority of advanced tricks must be done with voice commands. Do not pet your dog while the trick is in process. Once you start petting, the dog will assume that the teaching process is over.

Rag doll puppy:

When your dog is playing with the pull rope, grab the other end and pull up with the stylus. This should make the puppy hang on the other end like a rag doll. Drag the rope around the screen and eventually the dog will fly off.

Stand and hop:

Before attempting the hop, your dog must know the commands jump and stand. Have your dog stand and say jump.

Lie down:

While your dog is sitting, stroke its head from top to bottom.

Jump lying on its side:

Before attempting the jump lying on its side, your dog must know the commands to lay on its side and jump. Tell it to lay on its side and then say jump.

Shih Tzu

Get 2,000 owner points to unlock the Shih Tzu breed at the kennel.

Dog hang:

Earn the pull rope. Take out the pull rope. Wait for your dog to bite it. If you quickly slide the rope up while it is biting, one of two things will happen. It will either let go, or the camera will go above the dog, and it is hanging on the rope. To stop, let go of the rope or swing the rope around until the dog loses its grip and goes flying.

RC helicopter

While taking your dog for a walk you may find an RC helicopter as one of the presents. Hold A to take off, the D-Pad to maneuver, and L to change the camera view. Note: They can be sold for $200.

Lions Mane:

When taking your dog on the walk, you can find the Lions Mane. It is a brown mane that goes around your dog.

Different colored Dogs:

While at the pound, pick a breed. You will have three choices for the dog’s coloring *light, medium, and dark). If you do not see the color you like, tap “Back”, then tap on the breed again until the color and/or gender that you want with the dog appears. It may take some time to actually get what you want.

Disc contest:

Get a Boxer if you want speed. Get a German Shepherd if you want it to jump high.

Use a German Shepherd. It is fast and can jump high. However, do not throw it as far as you can. It will most likely drop it. This is not true for the Boxer. It can run fast, so you can throw it far.


Sometimes at night a neighbor dog will bark, your dog will “howl” back. When he does this, tap on your dog’s picture and you will get the light bulb. Teach it howl. You only have to teach him three or four times to learn the trick.

Finding items:

When you are walking on the sidewalk, tap the floor and your dog will look and sometimes find an item.

When you walk your dog there are “?” marks where you can find presents and other dogs. Once during almost every walk, there is one not illustrated on the map. When you see it on the touch screen take your dogs leash and drag your dog to the present. It will be a present or garbage that your dog should not eat.

To easily get your dog to pick up unmarked gifts, while walking your dog, hold the leash over its body. If you happen to come across an unmarked gift, quickly drag the stylus up to the top of the screen. This works even if your dog is walking instead of running.

Competition courses:

There are five courses for each competition: beginners, open, expert, master, and championship.

Hand stand:

Teach your dog to lie down and beg. While lying down, tell it to beg and your dog should do a handstand.

To make your dog to stand on its two front paws, command it to lie on its stomach then tell it to stand or beg.

Finding dogs on walks:

When trying to make a route to the park, to see if there are any other dogs look for a dog icon.

Obedience training:

Have the dog do a trick repeatedly until a message appears. Name the trick, then the dog will do the trick every so often. Keep teaching it the trick until it does it for the first time you call it. Note: The dog can only do so much training in one day. For more training, wait for the next day.

When teaching your dog to fetch, every time the dog brings back the item from tapping the screen, pet it until the sparkles appear. Then, take the item and throw it over again. After doing this awhile, your dog will bring back the item automatically, making the contest easier.

Walking your dog more then one time a day:

You can walk your dog once every 25 minutes. Wait 25 minutes with the game on, in sleep mode, or off before walking your dog. Also, it will not be very active during the day if it stays awake at night.

Reset data:
Hold “L + R + A + B + X + Y” at the Nintendo logo to delete your saved data.