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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller

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Step into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller on the Nintendo DS, where dueling is not just a game, but a way of life. Join Jaden Yuki and his friends at the Duel Academy as they embark on a journey to become the ultimate duelists.

In this exciting card battle game, players will duel against other students, unlock new cards, and build their own deck to take on the toughest opponents. With over 1,400 cards to collect and use in battle, the possibilities are endless.

But the real challenge lies in mastering the Spirit Caller ability, which allows players to summon powerful monsters and turn the tide of battle in their favor. With strategic thinking and quick reflexes, players can outsmart their opponents and claim victory in every duel.

So grab your deck, summon your spirits, and prepare to duel your way to the top in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller on the Nintendo DS. Are you ready to become the next King of Games?

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Ra Yellow Uniform

After defeating Professor Sartyr about five times, he will say that he wishes you were in Ra Yellow. He will then give you the Yellow Uniform

Card Passwords

Enter one of the following passwords at the Password Machine to unlock the corresponding card for purchase. Note: You can only unlock cards that you already have, either individually or in a pack list.

77754944Widespread Ruin
839946464-Starred Ladybug of Doom
237717167 Colored Fish
24140059A Cat of Ill Omen
06850209A Deal With Dark Ruler
49140998A Feather of the Phoenix
68170903A Feint Plan
21597117A Hero Emerges
00295517A Legendary Ocean
51351302A Man With Wdjat
05728014A Rival Appears!
28596933A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
13026402A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit
89718302Abare Ushioni
27744077Absolute End
49771608Absorbing Kid From the Sky
18318842Abyss Soldier
89801755Abyssal Designator
41356845Acid Trap Hole
47372349Acrobat Monkey
62325062Adhesion Trap Hole
53828396Adhesive Explosive
25345186After the Struggle
18036057Airknight Parshath
06150044Alkana Knight Joker
99785935Alpha the Magnet Warrior
21070956Altar for Tribute
91869203Amazon Archer
67987611Amazoness Archers
67987611Amazoness Archers
73574678Amazoness Blowpiper
29654737Amazoness Chain Master
47480070Amazoness Paladin
94004268Amazoness Swords Woman
10979723Amazoness Tiger
67371383Amphibian Beast
64342551Amphibious Bugroth MK-3
23927567An Owl of Luck
93221206Ancient Elf
31557782Ancient Gear
10509340Ancient Gear Beast
80045583Ancient Gear Cannon
92001300Ancient Gear Castle
67829249Ancient Gear Drill
83104731Ancient Gear Golem
56094445Ancient Gear Soldier
54912977Ancient Lamp
54912977Ancient Lamp
43230671Ancient Lizard Warrior
17092736Ancient Telescope
15013468Andro Sphinx
65064143Anti-Aircraft Flower
09156135Apprentice Magician
09156135Apprentice Magician
85639257Aqua Madoor
40916023Aqua Spirit
55001420Arcane Archer of the Forest
50287060Archfiend of Gilfer
49881766Archfiend Soldier
18378582Archlord Zerato
90374791Armed Changer
00980973Armed Dragon LV 3
46384672Armed Dragon LV 5
73879377Armed Dragon LV 7
59464593Armed Dragon LV10
09076207Armed Ninja
84430950Armed Samurai – Ben Kei
07180418Armor Axe
79649195Armor Break
15480588Armored Lizard
17535588Armored Starfish
20277860Armored Zombie
69296555Array of Revealing Light
42364374Arsenal Bug
55348096Arsenal Robber
85489096Arsenal Summoner
62633180Assault on GHQ
37053871Astral Barrier
02134346Asura Priest
88236094Aswan Apparition
87340664Atomic Firefly
63689843Attack and Receive
91989718Attack Reflector Unit
37970940Aussa the Earth Charmer
71453557Autonomous Action Unit
99284890Avatar of the Pot
84914462Axe Dragonute
40619825Axe of Despair
11901678B. Skull Dragon
15317640B.E.S. Covered Core
22790789B.E.S. Crystal Core
44954628B.E.S. Tetran
88819587Baby Dragon
47453433Back to Square One
36280194Backup Soldier
40633297Bad Reaction to Simochi
07165085Bait Doll
00242146Ballista of Rampart Smashing
61528025Banisher of the Light
41925941Bark of Dark Ruler
81480460Barrel Dragon
89091579Basic Insect
61181383Battery Charger
63142001Batteryman AA
19733961Batteryman C
48094997Battle Footballer
05053103Battle Ox
18246479Battle Steer
40133511Bazoo The Soul-Eater
46009906Beast Fangs
35149085Beast Soul Swap
99426834Beastking of the Swamps
16899564Beautiful Headhuntress
32452818Beaver Warrior
16255442Beckoning Light
49522489Beelze Frog
20374520Begone, Knave
22996376Behemoth the King of All Animals
33731070Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World
85605684Berserk Dragon
39168895Berserk Gorilla
39256679Beta the Magnet Warrior
61127349Big Bang Shot
95472621Big Burn
95472621Big Burn
14148099Big Core
53606874Big Insect
42129512Big Koala
65240384Big Shield Gardna
51562916Big Wave Small Wave
59380081Big-Tusked Mammoth
41426869Black Illusion Ritual
72989439Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
65169794Black Pendant
38670435Black Tyranno
87564352Blackland Fire Dragon
39507162Blade Knight
58268433Blade Rabbit
97023549Blade Skater
89041555Blast Held By a Tribute
21051146Blast Magician
98239899Blast with Chain
21466326Blasting the Ruins
05464695Blazing Inpachi
30653113Blessings of the Nile
25880422Block Attack
23995346Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
20871001Blue Medicine
02204140Book of Life
14087893Book of Moon
91595718Book of Secret Arts
76532077Bottomless Shifting Sand
87910978Brain Control
20101223Breath of Light
82878489Bright Castle
24294108Burning Land
18937875Burning Spear
80163754Burst Breath
17655904Burst Stream of Destruction
78193831Buster Blader
04861205Call of the Mummy
57953380Card of Safe Return
00062121Castle of Dark Illusions
44209392Castle Walls
95727991Catapult Turtle
90101050Celtic Guardian
01248895Chain Destruction
79323590Chain Energy
81380218Chorus of Sanctuary
06967870Cliff the Trap Remover
92667214Clown Zombie
93889755Crass Clown
67494157Crawling Dragon
46696593Crimson Sunbird
57728570Crush Card Virus
66742250Curse of Anubis
28279543Curse of Dragon
12470447Curse of Fiend
02926176Curse of Royal
80316585Cyber Harpie Lady
63224564Cyber Shield
05494820Cyclon Laser
28378427Damage Condenser
32344688Dark Chimera
01804528Dark Coffin
70231910Dark Core
04614116Dark Energy
90980792Dark Jeroid
40609080Dark Magician
40737112Dark Magician of Chaos
92377303Dark Sage
40933924Dark Scorpion Burglars
20858318Dark Scorpion Combination
93599951Dark Spirit of the Silent
45895206Dark-Piercing Light
80168720Darkness Approaches
39719977Delta Attacker
93747864Desert Sunlight
94212438Destiny Board
84257639Dian Keto the Cure Master
76922029Don Zaloog
67464807Dora of Fate
50045299Dragon Capture Jar
01435851Dragon Treasure
66672569Dragon Zombie
55991637Dragon’s Gunfire
54178050Dragon’s Rage
13215230Dream Clown
31476755Dust Barrier
90219263Elegant Egotist
35809262Elemental Hero Flame Wingman
61204971Elemental Hero Thunder Giant
39897277Elf’s Light
30531525Enchanting Fitting Room
94716515Eradicating Aerosol
56606928Eternal Draught
95051344Eternal Rest
26725158Exile of the Wicked
74131780Exiled Force
33396948Exodia the Forbidden One
97687912Fairy Meteor Crush
17653779Fairy’s Hand Mirror
41392891Feral Imp
77456781Fiend Kraken
18591904Final Destiny
73134081Final Flame
40502030Flame Swordsman
81439173Foolish Burial
24094653Fusion Gate
26902560Fusion Sage
56594520Gaia Power
66889139Gaia the Dragon Champion
06368038Gaia the Fierce Knight
24668830Germ Infection
41762634Giant Flea
13039848Giant Soldier of Stone
13039848Giant Solider of Stone
42703248Giant Trunade
36354007Gilford the Lightning
11868825Goblin’s Secret Remedy
79571449Graceful Charity
74137509Graceful Dice
82542267Gravedigger Ghoul
25262697Gravekeeper’s Assailant
16762927Gravekeeper’s Servant
63695531Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier
13429800Great White
90502999Ground Collapse
40659562Guardian Sphinx
55321970Gust Fan
31122090Gyakutenno Megami
88789641Hallowed Life Barrier
76812113Harpie Lady
12206212Harpie Lady Sisters
52040216Harpie’s Pet Dragon
19613556Heavy Storm
52584282Hercules Beetle
81167171Hero Spirit
76184692Hitotsu-Me Giant
69669405Horn Imp
38552107Horn of Light
64047146Horn of the Unicorn
15083728House of Adhesive Tape
30353551Human-Wave Tactics
28546905Illusionist Faceless Mage
61740673Imperial Order
52684508Inferno Fire Blast
12247206Inferno Reckless Summon
94163677Infinite Cards
79575620Injection Fairy Lily
03492538Insect Armor with Laser Cannon
77585513Jinzo #7
30113682Judge Man
55256016Judgment of Anubis
24068492Just Desserts
88979991Killer Needle
69455834King of Yamimakai
60519422Kishido Spirit
67724379Koumori Dragon
37390589Kunai with Chain
66526672Labyrinth of Nightmare
77007920Laser Cannon Armor
90330453Last Day of Witch
85602018Last Will
20394040Lava Battleguard
07902349Left Arm of the Forbidden One
44519536Left Leg of the Forbidden One
61854111Legendary Sword
23171610Limiter Removal
81777047Luminous Spark
17658803Luster Dragon #2
25769732Machine Conversion Factory
46700124Machine King
83746708Mage Power
77414722Magic Jammer
53119267Magic Thorn
96008713Magic-Arm Shield
81210420Magical Hats
93013676Maha Vailo
99597615Malevolent Nuzzler
40374923Mammoth Graveyard
54652250Man-Eater Bug
44287299Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
28933734Mask of Darkness
10189126Masked Sorcerer
48642904Mesmeric Control
44656491Messenger of Peace
68339286Metal Guardian
90660762Meteor Black Dragon
64271667Meteor Dragon
33767325Meteor of Destruction
07489323Milus Radiant
44095762Mirror Force
58074572Mooyan Curry
33508719Morphing Jar
70307656Mucus Yolk
46657337Muka Muka
22493811Multiplaction of Ants
14181608Mushroom Man
68191243Mustering of the Dark Scorpions
68516705Mystic Horseman
18161786Mystic Plasma Zone
15025844Mystical Elf
36607978Mystical Moon
05318639Mystical Space Typhoon
14315573Negate Attack
17955766Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin
58775978Nightmare’s Steelcage
19230407Offerings to the Doomed
79335209Ojama Black
12482652Ojama Green
90140980Ojama King
42941100Ojama Yellow
39537362Ordeal of a Traveler
78986941Order to Charge
39019325Order to Smash
42035044Panther Warrior
50152549Paralyzing Potion
58192742Petit Moth
90669991Pineapple Blast
70828912Premature Burial
00549481Prevent Rat
51371017Princess of Tsurugi
29155212Pumpking the King of Ghosts
76754619Pyramid Energy
77044671Pyramid Turtle
94905343Rabid Horseman
66719324Rain of Mercy
51267887Raise Body Heat
07625614Raregold Armor
33066139Reaper of the Cards
38199696Red Medicine
36262024Red-Eyes B. Chick
74677422Red-Eyes Black Dragon
64335804Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
32807846Reinforcement of the Army
51482758Remove Trap
99518961Restructer Revolution
27174286Return from the Different Dimension
70903634Right Arm of the Forbidden One
08124921Right Leg of the Forbidden One
20436034Ring of Magnetism
88279736Robbin’ Goblin
68846917Rock Ogre Grotto #1
91939608Rogue Doll
93382620Rope of Life
51452091Royal Decree
70046172Rush Recklessly
66602787Saggi the Dark Clown
11760174Sasuke Samurai #2
02792265Servant of Catabolism
03819470Seven Tools of the Bandit
56830749Share the Pain
52097679Shield & Sword
01557499Silver Bow and Arrow
90357090Silver Fang
00126218Skull Dice
06733059Skull Lair
47852924Soul of the Pure
05758500Soul Release
92924317Soul Resurrection
97362768Spark Blaster
31553716Spear Dragon
42598242Special Hurricane
38275183Spell Shield Type-8
18807108Spellbinding Circle
49328340Spiral Spear Strike
94772232Spirit Message A
92394653Spirit’s Invitation
94425169Spring of Rebirth
81385346Stamping Destruction
65810489Statue of the Wicked
13599884Steel Scorpion
02370081Steel Shell
63102017Stop Defense
70781052Summoned Skull
27770341Super Rejuvenation
40453765Swamp Battleguard
13069066Sword Arm of Dragon
37120512Sword of Dark Destruction
98495314Sword of the Deep-Seated
05372656Sword of the Soul-Eater
72302403Swords of Revealing Light
18895832System Down
43641473Tailor of the Fickle
41142615The Cheerful Coffin
30606547The Dark Door
92408984The Dragon’s Bead
68400115The Emperor’s Holiday
42829885The Forceful Sentry
84136000The Grave of the Enkindling
81820689The Inexperienced Spy
66926224The Law of the Normal
25109950The Little Swordsman of Aile
49064413The Masked Beast
16430187The Reliable Guardian
43434803The Shallow Grave
29491031The Snake Hair
06285791The Wicked Worm Beast
41462083Thousand Dragon
05703682Thousand Energy
63519819Thousand-Eyes Restrict
91781589Thunder of Ruler
40907090Tiger Axe
80987696Time Machine
71625222Time Wizard
59383041Toon Alligator
64697231Trap Dustshoot
04206964Trap Hole
46461247Trap Master
46918794Tremendous Fire
02903036Tribute Doll
79759861Tribute to the Doomed
03149764Tutan Mask
94119974Two-Headed King Rex
83887306Two-Pronged Attack
21237481Type Zero Magic Crusher
94568601Tyrant Dragon
80604091Ultimate Offering
70368879Upstart Goblin
95220856Vengeful Bog Spirit
50259460Versago the Destroyer
39774685Vile Germ
15052462Violet Crystal
14898066Vorse Raider
63162310Wall Shadow
90873992Warrior Elimination
85066822Water Dragon
18992735Wave Motion Cannon
15150365White Magical Hat
87796900Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Forest #1
57116033Winged Kuriboh
12253117World Suppression
62651957X-Head Cannon
02111707XY-Dragon cannon
91998119XYZ-Dragon Cannon
99724761XZ-Tank Cannon
65622692Y-Dragon Head
04542651Yellow Luster Shield
25119460YZ-Tank Dragon
64500000Z-Metal Tank
69123138Zera the Mant
31339260Zombie Warrior

Unlockable Uniforms

To unlock the uniforms you have to beat certen people a certen amount of times. The amount of times you have to beat the people is diffrent depending on your spirt.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Academy JerseyDefeat Fonda untill she gives it to you.
Black UniformDefeat Chazz untill he gives it to you.
Blue UniformDefeat Dark Zane until he gives it to you.
Duel CoatDefeat Crowler untill he gives it to you.
Hawaiian ShirtDefeat Atticus untill he gives it to you.
Kaibaman CoatDefeat Kaibaman until he gives it to you.
North Academy UniformDefeat Chazz untill he gives it to you.
Stuffy Collared ShirtGet from linking With Nightmare Troubadour
SuitDuel Chumley until he gives it to you.
Titan CoatDefeat Titan untill he gives it to you.
Yellow UniformDefeat Professor sartyr untill he gives it to you.

Battle Dr. Crowler

After you win the School Duel preliminary match, find Crowler. He is usually at the Blue Boys dorm at night. He will say that he is going to train you for the School Duel. You can then battle him.

Pack Glitch

This glitch will put any amount of packs as 150 DP. Here’s how to do it:1. Go into whatever set, and checkmark 1 pack.2. Select the set you want to buy all, or some of, and press [L]. Or checkmark them manually.3. Exit out of that set, and highlight another set (Do NOT go into the other set) Now press [R].4. After doing all 3 above, Press [X].If done correctly, the packs you wanted, plus the one you checkmarked earlier, are only worth 150 DP altogether. This can be done with any pack. Note: The set must not be empty in order for this to work.

Extra cards

When you read all of the tutorial at once at any time you can get a few extra cards (for example, Des Koala)/

Game Unlockables

You must go into Wireless Connection on both Spirit Caller and Nightmare Troubadour. Then in Nightmare Troubadour make a room and enter the room with Spirit Caller. It should save the game. Then exit the wireless connection on both games. When you get back to your Dorm Room in Spirit Caller go into your closet and you should have acquired: Stuffy Collared Shirt, Cheap Duel Disk, and depending on your level and card collection in Nightmare troubadour you get the titles: Amateur, Self-proclaimed Expert, Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Expert, and OCG Expert.

Play Credits And Play Matchenup Mini-Game

Once you are done with the last event of the story mode, go to the Password Machien and type in 44323104 (no duelest Points are needed). Now you can rerun the credit sequence and play the matchemup mini-game whenever you wish (as long as Dorthy or Sadie is at the card counter).

End credits Match-Em-Up mini-game:

Successfully complete Story mode, then enter 4432104 at the Password Machine.

Card passwords:

Enter one of the following passwords at the Password Machine to unlock the corresponding card for purchase.
You can only unlock cards that you already have, either individually or in a pack list.

Card Password

4-Starred Ladybug of Doom 83994646
7 Colored Fish 23771716
A Cat of Ill Omen 24140059
A Deal With Dark Ruler 06850209
A Feather of the Phoenix 49140998
A Feint Plan 68170903
A Hero Emerges 21597117
A Legendary Ocean 00295517
A Man With Wdjat 51351302
A Rival Appears! 05728014
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon 28596933
Abare Ushioni 89718302
Absolute End 27744077
Absorbing Kid From the Sky 49771608
Abyss Soldier 18318842
Abyssal Designator 89801755
Acid Rain 21323861
Acid Trap Hole 41356845
Acrobat Monkey 47372349
Adhesion Trap Hole 62325062
Adhesive Explosive 53828396
After the Struggle 25345186
Agido 16135253
Airknight Parshath 18036057
Aitsu 48202661
Alkana Knight Joker 06150044
Alpha the Magnet Warrior 99785935
Altar for Tribute 21070956
Amazon Archer 91869203
Amazoness Archers 67987611
Amazoness Archers 67987611
Amazoness Blowpiper 73574678
Amazoness Chain Master 29654737
Amazoness Paladin 47480070
Amazoness Swords Woman 94004268
Amazoness Tiger 10979723
Amoeba 95174353
Amphibian Beast 67371383
Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 64342551
Amplifier 00303660
An Owl of Luck 23927567
Ancient Elf 93221206
Ancient Gear 31557782
Ancient Gear Beast 10509340
Ancient Gear Cannon 80045583
Ancient Gear Castle 92001300
Ancient Gear Drill 67829249
Ancient Gear Golem 83104731
Ancient Gear Soldier 56094445
Ancient Lamp 54912977
Ancient Lamp 54912977
Ancient Lizard Warrior 43230671
Ancient Telescope 17092736
Andro Sphinx 15013468
Ante 02204140
Anteatereatingant 13250922
Anti-Aircraft Flower 65064143
Anti-Spell 53112492
Apprentice Magician 09156135
Apprentice Magician 09156135
Appropriate 48539234
Aqua Madoor 85639257
Aqua Spirit 40916023
Arcane Archer of the Forest 55001420
Archfiend of Gilfer 50287060
Archfiend Soldier 49881766
Archlord Zerato 18378582
Armaill 53153481
Armed Changer 90374791
Armed Dragon LV 3 00980973
Armed Dragon LV 5 46384672
Armed Dragon LV 7 73879377
Armed Dragon LV10 59464593
Armed Ninja 09076207
Armed Samurai – Ben Kei 84430950
Armor Axe 07180418
Armor Break 79649195
Armored Glass 36868108
Armored Lizard 15480588
Armored Starfish 17535588
Armored Zombie 20277860
Array of Revealing Light 69296555
Arsenal Bug 42364374
Arsenal Robber 55348096
Arsenal Summoner 85489096
Assault on GHQ 62633180
Astral Barrier 37053871
Asura Priest 02134346
Aswan Apparition 88236094
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit 13026402
Atomic Firefly 87340664
Attack and Receive 63689843
Attack Reflector Unit 91989718
Aussa the Earth Charmer 37970940
Autonomous Action Unit 71453557
Avatar of the Pot 99284890
Axe Dragonute 84914462
Axe of Despair 40619825
Axe Raider 48305365
B. Skull Dragon 11901678
B.E.S. Covered Core 15317640
B.E.S. Crystal Core 22790789
B.E.S. Tetran 44954628
Baby Dragon 88819587
Back to Square One 47453433
Backfire 82705573
Backup Soldier 36280194
Bad Reaction to Simochi 40633297
Bait Doll 07165085
Ballista of Rampart Smashing 00242146
Banisher of the Light 61528025
Bark of Dark Ruler 41925941
Barrel Dragon 81480460
Barrier Statue of the torrent 10963799
Barrier Statue os the heavens 46145256
Basic Insect 89091579
Battery Charger 61181383
Batteryman AA 63142001
Batteryman C 19733961
Battle Footballer 48094997
Battle Ox 05053103
Battle Steer 18246479
Battle Warrior 55550921
Battle-Scarred 94463200
Bazoo The Soul-Eater 40133511
Beast Fangs 46009906
Beast Soul Swap 35149085
Beastking of the Swamps 99426834
Beautiful Headhuntress 16899564
Beaver Warrior 32452818
Beckoning Light 16255442
Beelze Frog 49522489
Begone, Knave 20374520
Behemoth the King of All Animals 22996376
Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World 33731070
Berserk Dragon 85605684
Berserk Gorilla 39168895
Beta the Magnet Warrior 39256679
Bickuribox 25655502
Big Bang Shot 61127349
Big Burn 95472621
Big Burn 95472621
Big Core 14148099
Big Eye 16768387
Big Insect 53606874
Big Koala 42129512
Big Shield Gardna 65240384
Big Wave Small Wave 51562916
Big-Tusked Mammoth 59380081
Bio-Mage 58696829
Birdface 45547649
Black Illusion Ritual 41426869
Black Luster Ritual 55761792
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning 72989439
Black Pendant 65169794
Black Tyranno 38670435
Blackland Fire Dragon 87564352
Blade Knight 39507162
Blade Rabbit 58268433
Blade Skater 97023549
Bladefly 28470714
Blast Held By a Tribute 89041555
Blast Magician 21051146
Blast with Chain 98239899
Blasting the Ruins 21466326
Blazing Inpachi 05464695
Blessings of the Nile 30653113
Blind Destruction 32015116
Block Attack 25880422
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon 23995346
Blue Medicine 20871001
Blue-eyes Shining Dragon 53347303
Blue-Eyes White Dragon 80906030
Blue-Eyes White Dragon 89631139
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (SDK-001 Version) 89631139
Book of Life 02204140
Book of Moon 14087893
Book of Secret Arts 91595718
Bottomless Shifting Sand 76532077
Bracchio-raidus 16507828
Brain Control 87910978
Breath of Light 20101223
Bright Castle 82878489
Burning Land 24294108
Burning Spear 18937875
Burst Breath 80163754
Burst Return 27191436
Burst Stream of Destruction 17655904
Buster Blader 78193831
Call of the Mummy 04861205
Cannon soldier 11384280
Card Destruction 72892473
Card of Safe Return 57953380
Castle of Dark Illusions 00062121
Castle Walls 44209392
Catapult Turtle 95727991
Ceasefire 36468556
Celtic Guardian 90101050
Chain Destruction 01248895
Chain Detonation 51449743
Chain Energy 79323590
Chain Healing 25050038
Chimeratech Overdragon 64599569
Chorus of Sanctuary 81380218
Chosen One 21888494
Clay Charge 22479888
Cliff the Trap Remover 06967870
Clown Zombie 92667214
Cocoon of Evolution 40240595
Cold Wave 60682203
Collected Power 07565547
Command knight 10375182
Crass Clown 93889755
Crawling Dragon 67494157
Crawling Dragon #2 38289717
Crimson Sunbird 46696593
Crush Card Virus 57728570
Curse of Anubis 66742250
Curse of Dragon 28279543
Curse of Fiend 12470447
Curse of Royal 02926176
Curse of the Masked Beast 94377247
Cyber Dragon 70095154
Cyber Harpie Lady 80316585
Cyber Shield 63224564
Cyberdark Dragon 40418351
Cyberdark Edge 77625948
Cyberdark Horn 41230939
Cyberdark Keel 03019642
Cyber-Tech Alligator 48766543
Cyclon Laser 05494820
D Hero – Dasher 81866673
D Hero – Dreadmaster 40591390
D. D. Assailant 70074904
D.D. Warrior 37043180
Damage Condenser 28378427
Dark Artist 72520073
Dark Chimera 32344688
Dark Coffin 01804528
Dark Core 70231910
Dark Energy 04614116
Dark Jeroid 90980792
Dark Magic Curtain 99789342
Dark Magician 40609080
Dark Magician 46986414
Dark Magician Girl 38033121
Dark Magician of Chaos 40737112
Dark Rabbit 99261403
Dark Sage 92377303
Dark Scorpion Burglars 40933924
Dark Scorpion Combination 20858318
Dark Spirit of the Silent 93599951
Darkness Approaches 80168720
Dark-Piercing Light 45895206
Deal of Phantom 69122763
De-Fusion 95286165
Delta Attacker 39719977
Desert Sunlight 93747864
De-Spell 19159413
Destiny Board 94212438
Destruction Punch 05616412
Dian Keto the Cure Master 84257639
Dimensionhole 22959079
DNA Surgery 74701381
Don Zaloog 76922029
Dora of Fate 67464807
Dragon Capture Jar 50045299
Dragon Treasure 01435851
Dragon Zombie 66672569
Dragonic Attack 32437102
Dragon’s Gunfire 55991637
Dragon’s Rage 54178050
Dream Clown 13215230
Driving Snow 00473469
Dunames Dark Witch 12493482
Dungeon Worm 51228280
Dust Barrier 31476755
Earth Chant 59820352
Eatgaboon 42578427
Ectoplasmer 97342942
Ekibyo Drakmord 69954399
Electro-Whip 37820550
Elegant Egotist 90219263
Element Dragon 30314994
Elemental Hero Avian 21844576
Elemental Hero Blade Edge 59793705
Elemental Hero Bubbleman 79979666
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix 84327329
Elemental Hero Clayman 84327329
Elemental Hero Flame Wingman 35809262
Elemental Hero Mariner 14225239
Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster 47737087
Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman 25366484
Elemental Hero Sparkman 20721928
Elemental Hero Steam Healer 81197327
Elemental Hero Stratos 40044918
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant 61204971
Elf’s Light 39897277
Embodiment of Apophis 28649820
Enchanting Fitting Room 30531525
Enemy Controller 98045062
Eradicating Aerosol 94716515
Eternal Draught 56606928
Eternal Rest 95051344
Exarion Universe 63749102
Exile of the Wicked 26725158
Exiled Force 74131780
Exodia the Forbidden One 33396948
Fairy Box 21598948
Fairy Meteor Crush 97687912
Fairy’s Hand Mirror 17653779
Feather Shot 19394153
Feather Wind 71060915
Feral Imp 41392891
Fiend Kraken 77456781
Final Destiny 18591904
Final Flame 73134081
Fissure 66788016
Flame Cerebrus 60862676
Flame Manipulator 34460851
Flame Ogre 58098303
Flame Swordsman 40502030
Follow Wind 98252586
Foolish Burial 81439173
Forced Requisition 74923978
Forest 87430998
Fusion Gate 24094653
Fusion Sage 26902560
Gaia Power 56594520
Gaia the Dragon Champion 66889139
Gaia the Fierce Knight 06368038
Gamble 37313786
Garoozis 14977074
Gate Guardian 25833572
Gear Golem the Moving Fortress 30190809
Gemini Elf 69140098
Germ Infection 24668830
Giant Flea 41762634
Giant Soldier of Stone 13039848
Giant Solider of Stone 13039848
Giant Trunade 42703248
Gilford the Lightning 36354007
Goblin Fan 04149689
Goblin’s Secret Remedy 11868825
Goddess of Whim 67959180
Goddess with the Third Eye 53493204
Gokibore 15367030
Golden homunculus 27408609
Gorgon’s Eye 52648457
Graceful Charity 79571449
Graceful Dice 74137509
Grappler 02906250
Gravedigger Ghoul 82542267
Gravekeeper’s Assailant 25262697
Gravekeeper’s Servant 16762927
Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier 63695531
Graverobber’s Retribution 33737664
Gravity bind 85742772
Great Moth 14141448
Great White 13429800
Green Gadget 41172955
Griffore 53829412
Ground Collapse 90502999
Guardian Sphinx 40659562
Gust 73079365
Gust Fan 55321970
Gyakutenno Megami 31122090
Hallowed Life Barrier 88789641
Harpie Lady 76812113
Harpie Lady 1 91932350
Harpie Lady 2 27927359
Harpie Lady 3 54415063
Harpie Lady Sisters 12206212
Harpie’s feather duster 18144506
Harpie’s Pet Dragon 52040216
Heart of the Underdog 35762283
Heavy Storm 19613556
Helios – the primordal sun 54493213
Helios duo megistus 80887952
Helios tris megiste 17286057
Helpoemer 76052811
Hercules Beetle 52584282
Hero Signal 22020907
Hero Spirit 81167171
Hinotama 46130346
Hitotsu-Me Giant 76184692
Horn Imp 69669405
Horn of Light 38552107
Horn of the Unicorn 64047146
Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 4 75830094
Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 6 11224103
Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 8 48229808
House of Adhesive Tape 15083728
Human-Wave Tactics 30353551
Hydrogeddon 22587018
Hyozanryu 62397231
Illusionist Faceless Mage 28546905
Imperial Order 61740673
Inferno Fire Blast 52684508
Inferno Reckless Summon 12247206
Infinite Cards 94163677
Infinite Dismissal 54109233
Injection Fairy Lily 79575620
Insect Armor with Laser Cannon 03492538
Insect Barrier 23615409
Insect Imitation 96965364
Inspection 16227556
Interdimensional Matter transporter 36261276
Invigoration 98374133
Jam Breeding Machine 21770260
Jam Defender 21558682
Jar of Greed 83968380
Jellyfish 14851496
Jinzo #7 77585513
Jirai Gumo 15401633
Judge Man 30113682
Judgment of Anubis 55256016
Judgment of Anubis 55256016
Just Desserts 24068492
Kairyu-Shin 76634149
Kanan the Swordmistress 12829151
Kazejin 62340868
Killer Needle 88979991
Kinetic Soldier 79853073
King of Yamimakai 69455834
Kishido Spirit 60519422
Kojikocy 01184620
Koumori Dragon 67724379
Krokodilus 76512652
Kunai with Chain 37390589
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp 97590747
Labyrinth of Nightmare 66526672
Labyrinth Tank 99551425
Labyrinth Wall 67284908
Larvae Moth 87756343
Laser Cannon Armor 77007920
Last Day of Witch 90330453
Last Will 85602018
Launcher Spider 87322377
Lava Battleguard 20394040
Lava golem 00102380
Left Arm of the Forbidden One 07902349
Left Leg of the Forbidden One 44519536
Legendary Sword 61854111
Level Limit – Area B 03136426
Light of Intervention 62867251
Lightning Blade 55226821
Lightning Punisher 45023678
Limiter Removal 23171610
Luminous Spark 81777047
Luster Dragon #2 17658803
Machine Conversion Factory 25769732
Machine King 46700124
Macro Cosmos 30241314
Mage Power 83746708
Magic Cylinder 62279055
Magic Drain 59344077
Magic Jammer 77414722
Magic Thorn 53119267
Magical Hats 81210420
Magic-Arm Shield 96008713
Magician of Faith 31560081
Maha Vailo 93013676
Major Riot 09074847
Malevolent Nuzzler 99597615
Mammoth Graveyard 40374923
Man-Eater Bug 54652250
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman 44287299
Mask of Brutality 82432018
Mask of Darkness 28933734
Mask of Dispel 20765952
Mask of Restrict 29549364
Mask of the Accursed 56948373
Mask of Weakness 57882509
Masked Sorcerer 10189126
Megamorph 22046459
Mesmeric Control 48642904
Messenger of Peace 44656491
Metal Detector 75646520
Metal Guardian 68339286
Metalmorph 68540058
Metalzoa 50705071
Meteor Black Dragon 90660762
Meteor Dragon 64271667
Meteor of Destruction 33767325
Meteorain 64274292
Michizure 37580756
Millennium Scorpion 82482194
Millennium Shield 32012841
Milus Radiant 07489323
Mind Control 37520316
Minor Goblin Official 01918087
Mirror Force 44095762
Monster Recovery 93108433
Monster reincarnation 74848038
Monster Tamer 97612389
Mooyan Curry 58074572
Morphing Jar 33508719
Mountain 50913601
Mucus Yolk 70307656
Muka Muka 46657337
Multiplaction of Ants 22493811
Multiplication of Ants 22493811
Multiply 40703222
Mushroom Man 14181608
Mustering of the Dark Scorpions 68191243
Mysterious Puppeteer 54098121
Mystic Horseman 68516705
Mystic Plasma Zone 18161786
Mystic Probe 49251811
Mystical Elf 15025844
Mystical Moon 36607978
Mystical Space Typhoon 05318639
Mystical Wind Typhoon 63516460
Negate Attack 14315573
Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin 17955766
Nightmare’s Steelcage 58775978
Offerings to the Doomed 19230407
Ojama Black 79335209
Ojama Green 12482652
Ojama King 90140980
Ojama Yellow 42941100
Ookazi 19523799
Ordeal of a Traveler 39537362
Order to Charge 78986941
Order to Smash 39019325
Painful choice 74191942
Panther Warrior 42035044
Paralyzing Potion 50152549
Parrot Dragon 62762898
Pendulum Machine 24433920
Penguin Knight 36039163
Penguin Soldier 93920745
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth 48579379
Petit Moth 58192742
Pineapple Blast 90669991
Polymerization 24094653
Premature Burial 70828912
Prevent Rat 00549481
Princess of Tsurugi 51371017
Prohibition 43711255
Pumpking the King of Ghosts 29155212
Pyramid Energy 76754619
Pyramid Turtle 77044671
Rabid Horseman 94905343
Raigeki 12580477
Raimei 56260110
Rain of Mercy 66719324
Raise Body Heat 51267887
Raregold Armor 07625614
Reaper of the Cards 33066139
Red Gadget 86445415
Red Medicine 38199696
Red-Eyes B. Chick 36262024
Red-Eyes Black Dragon 74677422
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon 64335804
Reinforcement of the Army 32807846
Reinforcements 17814387
Remove Trap 51482758
Respect Play 08951260
Restructer Revolution 99518961
Return from the Different Dimension 27174286
Reverse Trap 77622396
Right Arm of the Forbidden One 70903634
Right Leg of the Forbidden One 08124921
Ring of Destruction 83555666
Ring of Magnetism 20436034
Riryoku Field 70344351
Robbin’ Goblin 88279736
Rock Ogre Grotto #1 68846917
Rogue Doll 91939608
Rope of Life 93382620
Rope of Life 93382620
Royal Decree 51452091
Rude Kaiser 26378150
Rush Recklessly 70046172
Ryu-Kishin 15303296
Ryu-Kishin Powered 24611934
Saggi the Dark Clown 66602787
Salamandra 32268901
Sanga of the Thunder 25955164
Sangan 26202165
Sasuke Samurai #2 11760174
Satellite Cannon 50400231
Servant of Catabolism 02792265
Seven Tools of the Bandit 03819470
Shadow Ghoul 30778711
Shadow of Eyes 58621589
Share the Pain 56830749
Shield & Sword 52097679
Shift 59560625
Silent Magician LV 4 73665146
Silent Magician LV 8 72443568
Silver Bow and Arrow 01557499
Silver Fang 90357090
Sinister serpent 08131171
Skilled Dark Magician 73752131
Skull Dice 00126218
Skull Invitation 98139712
Skull Lair 06733059
Skyscraper 63035430
Slate Warrior 78636495
Snake Fang 00596051
Sogen 86318356
Solemn Judgment 41420027
Solemn Wishes 35346968
Soul of the Pure 47852924
Soul Release 05758500
Soul Resurrection 92924317
Spark Blaster 97362768
Sparks 76103675
Spear Dragon 31553716
Special Hurricane 42598242
Spell Shield Type-8 38275183
Spellbinding Circle 18807108
Spiral Spear Strike 49328340
Spirit Message “I” 31893528
Spirit Message “L” 30170981
Spirit Message “N” 67287532
Spirit Message A 94772232
Spirit’s Invitation 92394653
Spiritualism 15866454
Spring of Rebirth 94425169
Stamping Destruction 81385346
Statue of the Wicked 65810489
Steel Scorpion 13599884
Steel Shell 02370081
Stim-Pack 83225447
Stop Defense 63102017
Suijin 98434877
Summoned Skull 70781052
Super Conductor Tyranno 85520851
Super Rejuvenation 27770341
Swamp Battleguard 40453765
Sword Arm of Dragon 13069066
Sword of Dark Destruction 37120512
Sword of the Deep-Seated 98495314
Sword of the Soul-Eater 05372656
Swords of Revealing Light 72302403
Swordstalker 50005633
System Down 18895832
Tailor of the Fickle 43641473
The Cheerful Coffin 41142615
The Dark Door 30606547
The Dragon’s Bead 92408984
The Emperor’s Holiday 68400115
The Forceful Sentry 42829885
The Grave of the Enkindling 84136000
The Inexperienced Spy 81820689
The Law of the Normal 66926224
The Little Swordsman of Aile 25109950
The Masked Beast 49064413
The Reliable Guardian 16430187
The Shallow Grave 43434803
The Snake Hair 29491031
The Wicked Worm Beast 06285791
Thousand Dragon 41462083
Thousand Energy 05703682
Thousand-Eyes Restrict 63519819
Thunder of Ruler 91781589
Tiger Axe 40907090
Time Machine 80987696
Time Wizard 71625222
Toll 82003859
Toon Alligator 59383041
Toon Gemini Elf 42386471
Toon table of contents 89997728
Torike 80813021
Torrential Tribute 53582587
Tragedy 35686187
Trap Dustshoot 64697231
Trap Hole 04206964
Trap Master 46461247
Tremendous Fire 46918794
Tribute Doll 02903036
Tribute to the Doomed 79759861
Tutan Mask 03149764
Two-Headed King Rex 94119974
Two-Pronged Attack 83887306
Tyhone 72842870
Type Zero Magic Crusher 21237481
Tyrant Dragon 94568601
Ultimate Offering 80604091
Ultimate Tyranno 15894048
Umi 22702055
Umiiruka 82999629
Upstart Goblin 70368879
Uraby 01784619
Uria, lord of searing flames 06007213
Vampire genesis 22056710
Vampire lord 53839837
Vengeful Bog Spirit 95220856
Versago the Destroyer 50259460
Vile Germ 39774685
Violet Crystal 15052462
Vorse Raider 14898066
Waboku 12607053
Wall Shadow 63162310
Warrior Elimination 90873992
Wasteland 23424603
Water Dragon 85066822
Wave Motion Cannon 18992735
White Magical Hat 15150365
Widespread Ruin 77754944
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Forest #1 87796900
Winged Kuriboh 57116033
Winged Kuriboh LV 10 98585345
Wolf 49417509
World Suppression 12253117
X-Head Cannon 62651957
XY-Dragon cannon 02111707
XYZ-Dragon Cannon 91998119
XZ-Tank Cannon 99724761
Yami 59197169
Y-Dragon Head 65622692
Yellow Gadget 13834120
Yellow Luster Shield 04542651
YZ-Tank Dragon 25119460
Zanki 30090452
Zera the Mant 69123138
Z-Metal Tank 64500000
Zoa 24311372
Zombie Warrior 31339260