Gekitou! Custom Robo

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Beat all 4 Greyham Boss data and Hadoron data, and you will recieve Hadoron and his parts

Unlock Ray MK II Robo

Complete the Great Robo Cup. Then, go talk to your father at his lab.

The underground

Beat a dozen grudge matches, then beat your shadow self. Once you beat him, talk to the man in SW bayside to open the secret entrance.

Other Illegal sets

Purchaseable in the Underground for Robos: 50000 credits, Guns: 50000 credits, and the rest of the parts 20000 credits

Sudden Death stage

After beating the Robo Cup, talk to the scientist facing the glass in one of the laboratories on the upper floor of NeoBrain. Beat him, purchase stage

Unlock Hiykko Robo

Complete the Great Robo Cup. Then, go to the Team No.1 Clubhouse. Talk to the boxes above the stairs to begin a battle. Defeat your opponent without using a combo that gets over 380 damage.


Beat all Robo type Mission battles, then beat Catoreya

First Exam Answers

Use the following answers to pass the first exam:Question 01: CQuestion 02: BQuestion 03: CQuestion 04: AQuestion 05: CQuestion 06: BQuestion 07: AQuestion 08: BQuestion 09: AQuestion 10: CQuestion 11: CQuestion 12: BQuestion 13: AQuestion 14: AQuestion 15: BQuestion 16: BQuestion 17: AQuestion 18: CQuestion 19: BQuestion 20: B


Beat Hajime in your classroom after he brings Saki to school


Go to the Police station, and talk to the person behind one of the back desks, the one without the Microwave, and buy the Robo for $500 (US)/50,000 Credits (JP)