Nintendo DS

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers

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Unlock Robo-Ky Techniques

To unlock new skills for Robo-Ky, you must achieve a certain high score in certain minigames. After reaching these high scores, you will be able to access these skills in the RK-Factory.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Do You Want to Suffer?May’s Dolphin Show (1st Score: 3000)
Bargain of Street MeetingMay’s Dolphin Show (2nd Score: 2500)
Phenomenon EXMay’s Dolphin Show (3rd Score: 2000)
Tandem TopYo-yo Polish (1st Score: 1000)
Axl BomberYo-yo Polish (2nd Score: 900)
PotemkinBusterYo-yo Polish (3rd Score: 800)
EXE BeastBalance Game (1st Score: 3000)
Gamma BladeBalance Game (2nd Score: 2500)
YoushijinBalance Game (3rd Score: 2000)
Mad StruggleHit Down (1st Score: 2500)
Aerial Stun EdgeHit Down (2nd Score: 2000)
LoveHit Down (3rd Score: 1500)
Chemical LoveNote Capture (1st Score: 6000)
Invite HellNote Capture (2nd Score: 5000)
Mappa HantiNote Capture (3rd Score: 4000)
StarshipVenom’s Billiards (1st Score: 10 Turns)
Sliding HeadVenom’s Billiards (2nd Score: 15 Turns)
Single Blow of The ReformVenom’s Billiards (3rd Score: 20 Turns)
Tyrant Rave Ver.bSword Master (2nd Score: 4000)
Bellows MantisSword Master (3rd Score: 3500)
Whatever is Done. a Fellow No Good is No GoodSword Master (1st Score: 4500)