Nintendo DS


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Earning stars

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding number of stars.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
4 starsComplete a Practice or Easy puzzle in 5 minutes or less.
5 starsComplete a Normal puzzle in 10 minutes or less.
6 starsComplete a Hard puzzle in 15 minutes or less.

Star bonuses

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
30 PuzzlesCollect 120 stars.
50 puzzlesCollect 20 stars.
50 puzzlesCollect 80 Stars.
70 puzzlesCollect 140 stars.
Bronze Rank TestCollect 60 stars.
Gold Rank TestCollect 220 stars and complete Bronze and Silver Rank Tests.
Hard 101-110Collect 240 stars.
Hard 111-120Collect 260 stars.
Hard 81-90Collect 160 stars.
Hard 91-100Collect 200 stars.
Normal 141-160Collect 160 stars.
Normal 161-190Collect 180 stars.
Platinum Rank TestCollect 300 stars and complete Bronze, Silver and Gold Rank Tests.
Silver Rank TestCollect 140 stars and complete Bronze Rank Test.

Unlocking new puzzles

Each level has a different number of stars you can get. “Practice” and “Easy” give you a maximum of four stars. “Normal” gives you a maximum of five stars. “Hard” has a maximum of six stars. After collecting twenty stars, new levels will open up (usually thirty new puzzles for every twenty stars).

Unlimited time

Press Start during game play to display the options menu. Although the touch screen is obscured, the timer stops. You can then look at the top screen to take as much time as desired to determine your next move. Resume game play, make your move, then pause game play again to repeat.