Nintendo DS

Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl

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Embark on an exciting adventure in the Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl game for Nintendo DS. As a Pokemon Ranger, you must travel through the mysterious Fiore region, capturing and befriending wild Pokemon to help you on your journey. Use your stylus to draw circles around Pokemon to capture them and solve puzzles to progress through the game.

With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl will keep you entertained for hours on end. Meet new Pokemon, battle powerful foes, and uncover the secrets of the region as you work towards becoming a top Pokemon Ranger.

Join forces with your trusty partner Pokemon and explore the vast landscapes of Fiore in this thrilling handheld adventure. Are you ready to take on the challenges that await you on the road to Diamond and Pearl? Grab your stylus and get ready to become the ultimate Pokemon Ranger!

Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Easy way to catch Suicune

As soon as the battle starts, Suicune makes 2 copies of itself. The real Suicune is the only one with a shadow, so wait till they are close together then use your partner pokemon’s poke assist and Suicune will be yours.

How to Capture a Slowpoke

First, you have to go to the Grassland Challenge in Wintown. Then find 2 Abra’s. Slowpoke should appear near the man who tells you tales.

Password entry

Successfully complete the game, then press L + R + A + X + Y + Left at the first Ranger Net screen. An option to enter passwords will appear under the “Play a special mission” option.

Catching Pokemon

You must first block the Pokemon from three sides. Stand in the fourth side of it. Then, throw a Pokeball to catch it. You will not be allowed to keep the Pokemon throughout the entire game. You must release it after about ten battles or it will run away.

Password entry:

Access Ranger Net after completing the game. Select “Play special mission”. Then, press
R + X + Left. You should see a screen that reads “Enter the password has been added”. Tap
the touchscreen and wait until the game saves. After the game saves, tap touchscreen again
and a new menu will appear that reads “Enter the password”. When you select the password menu
you will be able to enter a password.

Manaphy mission:

Enter “P8M2-9D6F-43H7” as a password. You will see a message that reads “The mission is active”.
Turn off the game. When you turn the game back on, access Ranger Net and you will see a option
to play a special mission. The mission “Recover the Precious Egg” appears.