Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

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Password List

Enter the password screen from the main menu and input the following.

JESSICA PARKERAllows you to purchase black belt
6943059Allows you To purchase disk 6 after completing game
VICTORIA PARRAllows you to purchase M16 badge
RENATO CELANIAllows you to purchase the fugu
SARYL HIRSCHAllows you to purchase the sunglasses
9785711Allows you to select level HARD
4298359Everthing at shop is at half price!
9603717Gallery is added to secret mode
5204025Get 10000 spy points
6894098Outfit change is added to secret mode

10,000 Spy Points:
Enter “5204025” as a password.

Black belt unlocked for purchase:
Enter “JESSICA PARKER” as a password.

Disk 6 unlocked for purchase:
Complete the game, then enter “6943059” as a password.

M16 badge unlocked for purchase:
Enter “VICTORIA PARR” as a password.

Fugu unlocked for purchase:
Enter “RENATO CELANI” as a password.

Sunglasses unlocked for purchase:
Enter “SARYL HIRSCH” as a password.

All shop items half price:
Enter “4298359” as a password.

Outfit Change in Secret mode:
Enter “6894098” as a password.

Gallery in Secret mode:
Enter “9603717” as a password.

Hard difficulty:
Enter “9785711” as a password.