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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

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Hint :

Tip: Get a good joystick with a twist function. It’s no surprise that Microsoft’s SideWinder family of sticks fits the bill perfectly. Though you can play with the keyboard, you’ll be at an instant disadvantage to someone who has a twisty stick.Tip: Go for the legs. Yes, they’re harder to hit, but they’re less armored than the main body. Plus, if you can shoot the legs out from under a mech, odds are you’ll be able to salvage the chassis at the end of the mission. Tip: Be aware of the environment when you outfit your mechs. Avoid weapons that generate too much heat when you’re battling in the desert, or else you’ll find yourself shutting down after every other shot to cool down. Tip: Learn the Circle of Death maneuver, or die. If you stand still in this game, you’ll get hammered. Be careful, though. Sometimes you can circle around an opponent too far so that you’re in range of his guns. Always try to stay behind a mech; it can’t shoot you from there.