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Beer” is a refreshing and addictively fun game from PC Games that will have you reaching for your virtual pint glass in no time. Step into the shoes of a bartender as you pour, serve, and satisfy the thirsty patrons in your bustling pub. With realistic physics and a wide variety of beers to choose from, you’ll be challenged to keep up with the demands of your customers while also maintaining the perfect pour. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just looking for a good time, “Beer” is sure to quench your gaming thirst. So grab a cold one and get ready to raise a toast to this exciting and engaging PC game. Cheers!

Beer Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

When you start the game, start it as: beer /007.#Where # can be:1 – Infinite lives2 – infinite money4 – invincibilityThey can be added to be used at the same time. For example, to use all threeat the same time, the number would be 7. (1+2+4)

Unlimited Lives and More:

For unlimited lives, an inexaustible bank account, and
invulnerability, start a game with the command “BEER /007.*”.
Replace * with one of the following:

1 Unlimited lives
2 Unlimited money
4 Invulnerabilty

To select multiple options, add the numbers together. i.e., for
invulnerability (4) and unlimited money (2), enter “BEER /007.6”.