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Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain

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Cheat :

Cheat mode:Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.Code Effect Full health [Attack] [Shift] [Shift] [Forward] [Attack] [Center] [Enter] Full Magic [Right] [Right] [Attack] [Action] [Up] [Down] [Right] [Left] View Dark Diary [Left] [Right] [Attack] [Action] [Up] [Down] [Right] [Left]

Walkthrough :

Introduction You start the game in the tavern of Ziegstuhl. Go outside the tavern, where you are murdered by peasants. A scene will follow, where the necromancer Mortanius offers you a chance to get revenge on the murderers. Of course you accept it and return as a vampire to get revenge. The game will restart, with your character as a vampire. ——–Kain’s mausoleum SpellsSanctuary Items1x Heart of Darkness, 1x Ancient Vial, 1x Symbol of Power When you exit the Mausoleum, walk down the road and enter the shrine that appears. ——–Small shrine SpellsNone Items1x Ancient Vial, 2x Flay, 2x Heart of Darkness, 1x Symbol of Power Note: Halfway through, you will see three buttons. Push the first two to get through. After exiting the small shrine find the peasants who murdered you and sent them to hell. When you killed every last one of them, Mortanius tells you that they were not the cause of your death. Now you have to find your answers at the pillars. On your way to the pillars, you will come across the town of Ziegstuhl. At you arrival at the pillars, a scene follows, where you are told to find and kill Nupraptor in order to fulfill your quest. On your way to Nupraptor’s retreat, you will find the bat form and two dungeons (do not forget to activate the landmark where you get the bat form). ——–Shrine of light SpellsLight Items1x Ancient Vial, 3x Flay, 1x Symbol of Power, 1x Heart of Darkness ——–Wolf cave SpellsLupine (form) ItemsNone Use the lupine form to climb your way up the hills. The road will split eventually. Go left first. You will come across a cave of spirit forges, where you can get a relic after sacrificing blood. It’s not very important, but check it out, because it’s a secret. Walk on and enable the landmark. Now go back and go right. Move forward and you will pass a big shrine. ——–Energy bolt shrine SpellsEnergy Bolt Items1x Symbol of Power, 1x Ancient Vial, After getting the Energy Bolt spell, move ahead to the town of Nachtholm. ——–Nachtholm You cannot enter the town, because three small boulders block your way. Change into lupine form and walk back a bit. Jump on the hill, enter the cave, and drink from the Blood of Ages. These fountains are located throughout Nosgoth giving you a special power (strength, rain resistance, etc.). Now you can push the boulders away and enter Nachtholm. Explore the village and walk north. There you will find a cave with another blood fountain, which makes you immune to rain. Again the road will split. To the left is the town of Steinchencr`e. To the right is a cave (to be explored later), a passage (which you cannot enter yet), and another passage to the left leading to a landmark (both roads meet). First go to Steinchencr`e. ——–Steinchencr`e Talk to the lunatic in the upper right area of the town. He will tell you that a disguise is needed in order to talk to ordinary people. Now take the road to the right and activate the landmark (second passage to the right). Go back and head north. To the left you will see a secret area, which you cannot enter yet. Go right to reach the gypsy camp. Enter the orange tent and obtain the disguise form. Now head north to Vasserbhnde. ——–Vasserbhnde From this city, you can fly to Nupraptor’s retreat. Go southwest instead and exit to the left. Enter the house and open the doors by turning the switch. Go outside and head north through the now opened door. Fight your way to the two caves and enter the second cave. You will get to a ‘slow time’ item. Now go to the other cave leading to Nupraptor. ——–Cave to Nupraptor SpellsNone Items3x Flay ——–Nupraptor’s sanctuary BossNupraptor the Mentalist SpellsNone ItemsNupraptor’s Head, 8x Flay, 2x Ancient Vial, 2x Symbol of Power, 1x Slow Time, 1x Energy Bank, 1x Font of Putrescence, 2x Heart of Darkness After destroying Nupraptor, get the spiked mace. You will notice that you now can enter some secret areas, which you could not enter previously. Ignore them for the moment. They will come later. You will automatically fly to the pillars. There you will obtain your second quest: kill Malec. Go north of Vasserbhnde and smash the rocks with your mace. Move on and enter the nearby cave. There you will find a blood fountain, which gives you quicker magic recovery. Go outside and follow the road (southwest is a secret area). You will soon be entering Coorhagen, your hometown, where a plague is spreading. ——–Town of Coorhagen SpellsRepel Items1x Heart of Darkness, 1x Energy Bank, 1x Ancient Vial, 1x Flay, 2x Implode, 2x Symbol of Power, 1x Font of Putrescence Enter the first house to your left. There you will get one Heart of Darkness. Now go to the third house (the second one is empty), the one with the body piles. Back outside again, go inside the first house and take the items by smashing the barrels. Now enter the second house and take the item and finally enter the last house. ——–Tunnels of Coorhagen – Part 1 SpellsNone ItemsBone Armor, 1x Implode, 2x Symbol of Power, 1x Ancient Vial Once again go into the second house, get the items and enter the first house leading to the final dungeon of Coorhagen. ——–Tunnels of Coorhagen – Part 2 SpellsInspire Hate Items11x Flay, 5x Heart of Darkness, 3x Pentalich of Tarot, 2x Symbol of Power, 1x Ancient Vial Check the final house and head north. Climb your way up the mountain’s and look at Malek’s Bastion (you must fly), but activate the landmark first. ——–Malek’s Bastion BossMalek the Damned Warrior SpellsNone ItemsAxes: Havoc and Malice, 10x Heart of Darkness, 3x Symbol of Power, 1x Pentalich of Tarot, 2x Flay, 1x Energy Bank, 1x Ancient Vial After running from Malek, you are teleported outside. Activate the landmark Cut the trees with you new axes and walk to the bandit camp (you might notice a cave to the west but you need mist form to get there). Before going to the camp enter the other cave in this area. ——–Bandit cave SpellsStun Items1x Heart of Darkness, 2x Flay, 1x Symbol of Power, 1x Ancient Vial Go through the bandit camp and enter the cave leading to the Oracle of Nosgoth. (www.gamesupport.dk)——–Caves to Oracle SpellsIncapacitate Items2x Font of Putrescence, 12x Flay, 2x Heart of Darkness, 1x Ancient Vial, 1x Implode, 2x Symbol of Power Note: Take the first right. It will lead to a blood fountain, which makes you immune to snowfall. When you have visited the old man at the Oracle, you are to find Vorador, an old Vampire. He has defeated Malek once. Now you must find him to learn how to defeat Malek. Leave the caves and walk south. Equip the axes and chop the tree in order to gain entrance to the house of Mist. ——–House of Mist SpellsMist (form) Items1x Ancient Vial, 1x Symbol of Power, 2x Energy Bank, 2x Heart of Darkness Go east and activate the landmark. Now head west again and cross the water in mist form. You can see Vorador’s mansion, but you must walk, because you need the ‘control mind’ spell to get to Vorador (and there are other items on the way). Exit to the south. Look at the overhead map. You will see two caves and three small dungeons. First, go to the two caves (in one there is a blood fountain that increases your strength), then enter the small dungeons. ——–Blood dungeon SpellBlood Gout Items4x Anti-toxin, 1x Energy Bank, 1x Ancient Vial, 2x Flay, 1x Symbol of Power ——–Mind dungeon SpellsControl mind Items1x Ancient vial, 1x Symbol of Power, 1x Heart of Darkness ——–Flame dungeon SpellsNone ItemsFlame sword, 1x Ancient Vial, 1x Symbol of Power When you have finished these dungeons, exit to the right and walk to Vorador’s mansion. ——–Vorador’s mansion SpellsBlood Shower ItemsChaos Armor, Vorador’s Ring, 2x Ancient Vial, 16x Flay, 1x Anti-toxin, 3x Energy Bank, 9x Implode, 1x Font of Putrescence, 2x Symbol of Power, 5x Pentalich of Tarot, 2x Heart of Darkness, 3x Slow Time When you left the mansion, walk to the left and activate the landmark. Move forward and take the first left (it’s a secret). Walk all the way up, jump off, go south and explore the village of Uschtenhiem. ——–Village of Uschtenhiem. Go North. On your way you will once again pass two caverns. The first one has a blood fountain and the second a secret item-cave. Just follow the way to the Dark Eden. On your way to the Dark Eden you will see a cave, which you can enter, but cannot walk through. Come back to this point when you have finished the Dark Eden. ——–Dark Eden BossesBane, Dejoule SpellsSpirit Death ItemsFlesh Armor, Malek’s Helmet, Bane’s Headdress, Dejoule’s Cloak, 18x Anti-toxin, 2x Energy Bank, 4x Ancient Vial, 3x Symbol of Power Enter the cave mentioned before and walk through it. Walk all the way down (you can enter the cave, but that only for items). North of the landmark is the lightning cave, which leads to the lightning spell. Return here when the moon is full. Just keep walking until you reach the town of Avernus. Once Avernus is reached, you will see it is in ruins. You can go several ways, but all will eventually lead to the Cathedral. ——–Avernus’ Cathedral BossAzimuth the Planer SpellsNone ItemsSoul Reaver, Wraith Armor, Azimuth’s third Eye, Time-Streaming Device, 6x Ancient Vial, 4x Symbol of Power, 4x Heart of Darkness, 1x Flay Once outside, activate the landmark and exit. You will be teleported to the pillars where you will place the eye in front of the dimension pillar. You will be told to seek out king Otmar of Willendorf. For that task, you will need to upgrade your disguise to a gentleman. Fly to the last landmark and walk east. After a while you pass two small camps. There is nothing important there. Just blood. However, near the second camp, (orange tents) is a cave. Enter it and do not forget to activate landmark. ——–Spirit cave SpellsSpirit Wrack Items2x Pentalich of Tarot, 2x Symbol of Power, 2x Flay, 2x Energy Bank, 1x Ancient Vial Walk south and drink from the blood fountain in the cave you can enter. It will give you more strength (now you can push big gray boulders). Keep walking to the south. Take the first right, cut the tree and enter the cave that appears. There will be another blood fountain here. Take the second right and enter the secret cave. Take the items and exit. Climb your way down and take your first left. Cross the water and take the items. Keep moving south. You will find a mooncave and a landmark. Fly to Willendorf. Walk all the way east, through the town to the cave, where you will find a better disguise. ——–Cave of Illusion SpellsImproved Disguise (form) Items1x Ancient Vial, 1x Symbol of Power, 6x Flay, 1x Heart of Darkness, 2x Font of Putrescence With your new disguise you can enter the city of Willendorf. You can explore the city for items if you want, but if you want to get through it quickly, go to the towers located east and west of Willendorf and open the doors. When you have met King Otmar, walk south and go into the tunnel leading to Elzevir the Dollmaker. ——–Tunnels of Willendorf SpellsNone Items3x Flay, 1x Pentalich of Tarot, 2x Implode, 1x Energy Bank Walk south and use the spirit wrack spell to control the Nemesis’ guards and switch both levers to open the door. Now walk north. When you are outside again, just move forward. Activate the landmark and exit north. You will enter the town of Stahlberg. Explore the town and exit north. Now go west. Use the spirit wrack spell to control the puppet and open the gate. Now you can go to the dollmaker. ——–Dollmaker’s mansion BossElzevir the Dollmaker SpellsNone ItemsElzevir’s Doll, 1x Implode, 1x Heart of Darkness, 1x Energy Bank, 1x Ancient Vial, 2x Font of Putrescence Return to Willendorf and visit King Otmar again. Now you must battle the army of the Nemesis (read note below first). Note: If you go to Otmar’s throne room, you will automatically go to the battle field. If you want to search for secrets, make a second save game, before going to Otmar. There are about 97 secrets before you are teleported back in time. Fight your way through the battle. You will be teleported. You will be teleported 50 years back in time. Kill the man and watch the scene. Now head north to Stahlberg. Explore Stahlberg again for items. Go north. Search the houses for items and go north once more. You will see the stronghold of William the Just. Enter it. ——–William the Just’s stronghold BossWilliam the Just SpellsNone ItemsTime-Streaming Device, 2x Energy Bank, 2x Symbol of Power, 2x Heart of Darkness, 1x Pentalich of Tarot, 2x Ancient Vial, 3x Implode ——–William the Just’s stronghold (changed present) SpellsNone Items2x Ancient Vial, 2x Energy Bank, 4x Heart of Darkness Outside again, walk south. You can explore the town again if you like. Exit south. You will realize that after killing William the Just you have changed history. You are now in the time of vampire hunting. Walk all the way to the event. You will see Vorador being decapitated. Kill the people who will attack you. You meet Mobius (again), from the Oracle. A conversation will take place and then head north. Fight Mobius’ creature from the past. Then fight his creature from the present. Finally fight a creature from the future, yourself. Next, slay Mobius and take his hourglass. You will automatically fly to the pillars for your final battle. First, fight Mortanius in his normal form. After you destroy him he will join with the dark entity. Take Mortanius’ Death Orb and Anarcrothe’s Scales. Then fight Mortanius Having finally defeated the dark entity, you will be given a choice: Let the world of Nosgoth be doomed. Save the world of Nosgoth. Choose one of those options. The end sequence will be displayed.