Jampack Volume 1

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Mechwarrior 2 information:
Press Circle, Square, Triangle at the NBA Shootout ’97 screen. NBA Shoot Out ’97 information:
Press Circle(2), Triangle at the Machine Hunter screen. Peak Performance information:
Press Square, Triangle, Square at The Lost World screen. Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo two player mode:
Press X or START simultaneously on controllers one and two at the title screen. A best two out of three match will begin. Pitfall 3D demo:
Press Triangle, Circle, Square at the MDK screen. View Ogre Battle FMV sequence:
Press Square, Triangle, Circle at the Super Puzzle Fighter screen. View Steel Reign FMV sequence:
Press Circle, Square, Circle at the Thunder Truck Rally screen. View Underground CD Volume 2 FMV sequence:
Press Square, Circle, Triangle at the Codename: Tenka screen. View credits:
Press Triangle(2), Square at the Wild Arms screen.