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Cheat :

Change Tomba’s Hair Color:At the options screen hold R1 + L1 + Select + Square and press Left, Down, Up, Up, Right, Down, Left. Extra weapons:After the loading screen, hold R1 and press Select, Right, Left, Down, X, Circle, Start. Finally, press Start when loading has completed Capture a frog and return him to the Ol’ Pond. He may reward you with a 1-up. The key to finding the last Dwarf Kid at the Watch Tower is the V-Shaped seesaw. When you reach the Forest of 100 Flowers, grab as many Leaf Butterflies as you can. Later, a Dwarf in the clouds above Charity Square will make something special happen in exchange for the Butterflies. The Blackjack and the two boomerangs can be used to knock down hard-to-reach items.