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Board of the selection of characters given to you for your fifth character? Well, there is a secret character you may not know about. It’s Chris! To abtain him do this. In the begining of the game find the teacher on the first floor who asks you if you have been going in and out of a sealed room on the second floor. Next go to the room mentioned and you will see Chris. Ten goto room 2-1 and talk to the guy there. He mentions hoodlems partying at the factory. After you leave school go to Joy Street.

Enter Yin & Yan and speak to the woman in jeans. She is Chris’s mom. Answer “yes” to both her questions (top both times) BUT DO NOT TALK TO HER AGAIN. If you do she asks if you talk to Chris yet and everything will be ruined. Then go to the Casino there and talk to Mark’s friend. He mentions a guy with ascar hanging out at the factory. So go there. You’ll know if you are doing everything right if he is there. Continue with the game by going to the hospital. IMEDIATLY after leaving the hospital go to Sebec.

You’ll see Chris again. Continue by gheading to the police station. While there say no to Brad. After you leave go to the subway. See Ellen and say no. Next goto the factory and say no to Alana. If she leaves you will know that it is working. Continue with the game until Maggie curses the school in the alternate reality. Go to the art room and after the fight with the demon Chris will join you.