MLB ’99

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Charge the catcher

Repeatedly tap [X] when running home and your runner will ram the catcher. At times, this may cause the catcher to drop the ball. Note: Auto Sliding must be enabled.

Easy strikeouts

Get a pitcher with a good arm and a sinker. Pitch a sinker to the batter inside and down a little bit, outside the strike-zone. If the right spot is found, keep pitching there to strike the batter out in five pitches.

Extra out on play

Throw the ball to a base when fielding. This trick works better at second base. Keep throwing the ball to that base until the player over-throws it into the outfield. At times the game will call another out if the ball is caught.

Super player

Enter “Scott Murray” or any other development team name as a player name at the player creation screen or during spring training.

Easy hits

When playing the CPU hold [Down] while hitting and press “Power”. The batter should get a hit approximately 90% of the time. This is especially useful in spring training mode.

Hitting accuracy

After the pitcher chooses where to place the pitch, press a direction on the D-Pad to view where the ball travels. Press [Up] if you wish to hit straight in the air or into centerfield, press [Down] for hitting a ground ball. The ball may not go to certain places because of where the ball is pitched (inside, outside, high, or low).

Bonus audio

Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game.

Baseball Bloopers FMV sequence

Enter the start menu and allow the MLB ’99 demo to run. Watch it until one half of the inning is over, and then a special FMV sequence, along with the credits, will appear.

Easy homeruns

Hold “Up/Left” when at bat and keep the buttons held after the ball is hit. This will make the ball fly past the left fielder, however he may catch the ball.

Force an error

Hit a pop up, and if someone from the other team goes to catch it, hold [R1] + [R2] + [L1] + [L2], and press [Circle], [Triangle], [Square], [X], [Right], [Up], [Left], [Down]. The player will get an error upon catching the ball. Note: This does not work every time, and must be done before the person catches the ball.


Intentionally hit a batter, then immediately press [X]x3. The announcer will say “That out to clear the dugout” before the fight begins. Note: A few attempts may be necessary before a fight breaks out.

Away Team Scores 0
Away Team Scores 50
Away Team Starts W/ 10 Runs
Press L2 For 2 Outs
Press R2 For 0 Outs
Press L1 For 2 Strikes

Press R1 For 0 Strikes