Gran Turismo 2

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Cheat :

Ever raced and found the Subaru Impreza 22B up your backside? To buy this rare and sought after machine Wait until 10 Game days have passed and look at the Subaru used car line up (east city) and go to the bottom of the

Super License:

Earn all licenses (A, B, Intl. A, Intl. B, Intl. C) to unlock the
“Super License” option on the license test menu.

Event Synthesizer race:

Earn the Super License to unlock the “Event Synthesizer” race in
Gran Turismo League.

Ending credits:

Win every race under Gran Turismo League for the ending credits on the
Arcade disc.

Good cars:

Buy a Mitsubishi 300GT and enter into the 4WD Race. After winning that
race you will receive a car that is great but only worth 125,000
credits. It has great handling and speed.

Getting money:

Win the 4WD Challenge at Laguna Seca to receive a 618 hp custom car.
Take that car to the Tuned-Turbo Challenge and enter the Test-Track
race. You will win 50,000 credits and a car worth 30,000 credits for
each 3-lap race that is won. The secret to winning on the Test-Track
is in the corners. Stay smooth and off the walls/grass to pass the
faster cars. Do not let them block your car, and drive defensively
once in the lead. You will also need licenses to race.

Get a brand new Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec (R34.J) ’99 and tune it to
the max. Then, get an International A licensee. Go to Special Events,
go to Line Up 4, choose Tuned Turbo Car No.1 Race at the Test Course.
Finish in first place to get 50,000 credits and a Skyline that is
worth 30,000 credits. Repeat this until you win a 250,000 Mine’s HKS
180 SX (racing modified). Repeat again until you win a 13,750 Mines
Lancer V (racing modified). Note: You do not have to use a Nissan
Skyline, just a powerful and fast car.

After wining all National races, race any of the Euro-Pacific races.
Each win will give you 10,000 credits plus a 250,000 credit car.

Buy a used Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M(R32,J) ’91. Completely outfit
it with all performance and handling upgrades(excluding “For
Professionals Only” items). Enter “Grand Touring Cup” and win first
in Midfield Raceway (about 4 minutes). You will receive 30,000
credits plus a 250,000 credit Unisia Jecs Skyline. Sell the car.
Repeat this process four times to earn about 1,120,000 credits in
under sixteen minutes.

Race in any “Muscle Car” race with a normal car. Since “non” muscle
cars have better acceleration, once you get ahead of the muscle cars,
just watch your back, and do not let them pass.

Go to the “Muscle Car” event and enter the second race. Win this race
to get a car worth 75,000 credits and 8,000 prize credits.

Race the 30 lap endurance race. Win first place, and get 150,000
credits and a Supra race car worth 250,000 credits. A recommended car
is a ’91 Supra Twin Turbo R outfitted with sports tires, sports
brakes, sports suspension, chip upgrade, stage 1 turbo, racing
intercooler, racing exhaust, and stage 2 weight reduction. Note: The
race will take approximately 50 minutes to complete.

Go to the Gran Turismo All Star League and win the Laguna Seca race.
You will receive 50,000 credits and the TVR Speed 12 which you can
sell for 500,000 credits. Getting the GT One On-Road from Toyota and
putting a stage 4 turbo on it is recommended.

Race all of your licenses until you get all gold and a FTO LM. Take it
to the Gran Turismo All Stars. Race the Red Rock Valley twice and sell
the car you win to end up with 1.1 million credits.