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Extreme Assault

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Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience with Extreme Assault, the ultimate action-packed game from PC Games. In this thrilling game, players will embark on a high-octane mission to eliminate enemies and conquer challenging obstacles. With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, Extreme Assault will immerse you in a world of intense combat and heart-pounding excitement.

Choose from a variety of powerful weapons and vehicles as you navigate through treacherous terrain and engage in intense firefights. Test your skills and strategy as you battle against formidable foes and complete daring missions. With fast-paced gameplay and dynamic environments, Extreme Assault will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for a new challenge or a newcomer seeking an action-packed adventure, Extreme Assault is sure to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. So gear up, lock and load, and get ready to unleash your inner warrior in this electrifying game from PC Games.

Extreme Assault Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Cheat mode:Type oh dear (case-sensitive) at the main menu to enable single player cheat mode. Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note Type levelx followed by [Space] to enable cheat mode in the demo version of the game. Effect Code Full ammunition [Option] + 1 Weapon upgrade [Option] + 2 Full energy [Option] + 3 God mode [Option] + 4 Wow mode [Option] + 5 End mission [Option] + 6 Deactivate enemies [Option] + 7 Helicopter mode [Option] + 8 Tank mode [Option] + 9 Speed mode [Option] + 0 Teleport to safety [Option] + [Ctrl] + 0

Type oh dear at the main menu to enable the codes:

Actions: Results:

ALT-1 –> Full ammo
ALT-2 –> Upgrade current weapon
ALT-3 –> Full energy
ALT-4 –> Invincibility
ALT-5 –> Wow
ALT-6 –> Complete mission
ALT-7 –> Deactivate enemies
ALT-8 –> Helicopter mode
ALT-9 –> Tank mode
ALT-0 –> Speed

Full Version:

Single player only.

Actions: Results:

ALT-1 –> Full ammo
ALT-2 –> Upgrade current weapon
ALT-3 –> Full energy
ALT-4 –> Invincibility
ALT-5 –> Wow
ALT-6 –> Complete mission
ALT-7 –> Deactivate enemies
ALT-8 –> Helicopter mode
ALT-9 –> Tank mode
ALT-0 –> Speed

Type EMERTXE at the main menu to activate Assault Mode:

Actions: Results:

Alt-U –> Fly a UFO
Alt-F –> ???
Alt-L –> ???
Alt-T –> ???

Extreme Assault – Secret Area Guide


Mission 1: Shoot the hanger floor to uncover a secret area.
Besides extras, you will also find a teleporter which will
take you to the final mission of Operation Area 1.

Mission 2: Blast the hillside between the two trees located
at your 4 o’clock when you start the mission.

Mission 4: Take a closer look at the church clock � it
works! Destroy the steeple of the church to obtain some

Mission 5: As you are going up to the village, you will see
a single tree on your left. Shoot the base of the mountain
behind the tree and a secret place will be revealed. Here
you can switch from the helicopter to the tank.

Mission 6: Return to the tunnel you passed through before
the mission started. Destroy the giant fan. It’s blocking
the entrance to a secret area.

Mission 8: Descend into the castle ruins for some more

Mission 12: Go in the opposite direction as the green arrow
is pointing to get some extras.


Mission 1: At the beginning of the mission, you can reveal a
secret area if turn around and shoot the wall behind you.

Mission 3: When the mission starts, do a 180� turn and take
out the gun turret positioned in the alcove. Then destroy
the wall behind it to find a secret area.

Mission 9: At the start of the mission, turn around and shoot
the gate on the back of the rock bridge.


Mission 1: Descend into the volcanic craters to find some

Mission 2: Blast all of the crates in the first room. At the
end of the mission, there is an entrance to a secret room on
your right.

Mission 3: First, fly to the aircraft carrier to collect
power-ups. Next, go to the border of the mission area. Wait a
short time and you will see an airliner approaching. Shoot
him down with a guided missile and then check out the beach.
In the jungle you will come to a fork in the road. Shoot the
tree with the birds in it.

Mission 4: Destroy the statue i n the village for some power-

Mission 5: When you come to a cave with a shattered bridge,
descend to collect some extras. Then flystraight ahead and
shoot the apparent dead end to enter a secret area.

Mission 6: One way to complete this mission is to first
destroy the generator.

Mission 7: You’ll find extras behind the first moving wall and
after you shoot a hole into the cave wall above the rock.

Mission 8: Drop down into the highest crater and revisit the
hall found in Mission 2 for some nicesuprises.

Mission 9: At the moving walls go straight, down, then straight
and blast a hole into the end of the tunnel for some extra ammo.


Mission 1: Shoot gate number three to collect some more extras.

Mission 6: In the room with the descending ceiling, there is a
secret passageway to the right.

Mission 8: Shoot the wall, by the ramp, next to the left
generator to get a few power-ups.

Mission 9: Some of the walls hide secret rooms. Which walls?
Start shooting.


Mission 1: Kill the two friendly helicopters after they help

Mission 2: Under the rock bridge is an entrance to a secret

Mission 3: Check out the area where the tanks are coming from.

Mission 10: At the beginning of the mission, fly to the right
just outside the tunnel for some extras.


Mission 4: Follow the ice flow path to a cave that hides some

Mission 6: Find the bridge on your radar and then and go up to
collect your bonus.

Mission 7: Shoot the right corner of the large building for help
in defeating the final boss.


Use the name of HAMMER when you begin a network game. You’ll be
able to use a unique series of pre-recorded messages.