Backyard Baseball 2003

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Play on Your Birthday
Try to play a game on one of your player’s birthdays. Their birthdays are listed on their cards, and they play really well on their special days. If you have the twins on your team, play on February 18, when you get two birthdays for the price of one.

Play Better With Maria
Maria plays pretty well , but she plays even better if shes on a team with the uniforms pink.

The Love Bird
Everytime you pick Billy Jean Blackwood and Marky Dubois together Marky Dubois powers up, but Billy Jean Blackwood loses skill points.

Big City Stadium and Super Colossal Dome:
Win the Backyard World Series in season mode to unlock the
Big City Stadium and Super Colossal Dome.

Mr. Clanky:
Win the Backyard World Series to unlock Mr. Clanky in the
trophy box in the clubhouse. Click on him to use him in
exhibition mode.

Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente, and Mark McGwire:
Enter “LEGENDS” as a coach name.

Babe Ruth:
Play as the Yankees and go undefeated through the entire
season and post-season.

Skip player dialogue:
Press [Period] to skip through when the players talk.