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Dungeon Lords

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To execute a forward combo, press W to move forward when starting a series of attacks. This is effective when facing a single opponent. To execute a left/right combo, press A or D to move left or right when you start a series of attacks. This is effective against multiple opponents. To execute a chop combo, press S to move back when starting a series of attacks.

Easy money

You can make an infinite amount of money in Arindale (or elsewhere, I didn’t test it in other cities yet) if you have some scrolls with you. I had some scrolls of Summon Undead and I sold one for 135 gold. Now here’s the trick : if you have more than 1 scroll and if you sell them one at a time, the amount of scrolls stays the same! So you have infinite scrolls and you have to repeat this procedure until you have the desired amount of money. I raised my money to 50000 just for starters. The place where I did it was in Arindale, in the Warrior’s Guild.

Evasive maneuvers

Forward Roll: Tap [Forward] twice
Side Roll: Tap [Lef

or [Righ

Leap Sideways: Press [Lef

or [Righ

+ [Space]
Backflip: [Away] + [Jump]