Betrayal in Antara

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Cheat :

Press ctrl-shift-z to bring up a window, then type in these codes:ask a glass of water – Teleports party to beginning of chapter.gotta have magic – Aren learns all the games does my leg hurt – heals party.some call me tim – kills all enemies.supermarket for the rich – brings up inventory full of weapons, armour, vials.why am i so dull – maximizes stats.

To enter the codes, press CTRL+SHIFT+Z to bring up a
cheat menu. Then type in the code and press ENTER.

Actions: Results:

ask a glass of water –> Teleport to start
some call me tim –> Kill all in combat
gotta have magic –> Give Aren all spells
why am I so dull –> Max out skills
man does my leg hurt –> Heal party
supermarket for the rich –> Access good items