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Fighters Squadron

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——– Tip 1
The default in-cockpit view is zoomed in too close
to get a view of the necessary instruments. Use the
] key to zoom back into a more useful viewing distance. Tip 2
The computer AI pilots aren’t very accurate shooters,
but they can sure stay on your tail. If you’ve got someone
glued to your six, pull up and throttle back–you’ll gain
altitude and bleed off speed and soon the AI pilot should
overshoot you. Next, match your speed to his (usually about
75 percent of full throttle) and stick to his tail as you
pepper him with gunfire. Tip 3
You get very little useful in-cockpit information during a
battle. If you’re having trouble locating the enemy, use
the M key to bring up your lap map. This will show you the
position and heading of all planes in the scenario–it should
help you get back into the thick of things quickly. Tip 4
If you’re a good shot and stable pilot, then pick a wing
of your opponent’s plane and concentrate your gunfire there;
you’ll find that it’s much easier to down a plane by blowing
off its wing than by filling its fuselage with lead.