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Cheat :

In this game there are three phases of different activities ofCyberjudas. The later the phase, the more extreme are his actions.In order to skip to a later phase start the game withcj /pxwhere x is one of the phases (1 to 3). Attention: You have to chooseCyberjudas Gambit from the main menu to see the various phases.There also is a cheat to find out the identity of Cyberjudas. Startthe game withcj /skunkworksand type in DEEPTHROAT at the system menu. This will reveal theCyberjudas for that phase.

Level select:
Start the game with the “cj /p” command line.

Determine Cyberjudas identity:
Start the game with the “cj /skunkworks” command line. Then, type
deepthroat” at the system menu to view the Cyberjudas for that phase.