Ragnarok Online

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Easy Stun

Be a Swordman, and get Bash at level 10. Get Fatal Blow. Get a blade with 4 slot and insert 4 Savage Babe card . Use Bash on a monster and it will normally get stunned.

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, enter one of the following commands in the chat window to activate the corresponding feature:

Result – Code:

Open today’s tips – /tip
Toggle skill and casting effects – /effect
Toggle red miss indicator – /miss
Toggle fog effects – /fog
Auto attack enemies without [Ctrl] + click – /nc
Continue attacks; does not work on spells – /noctrl
Auto heal enemies (undead) without holding [Shift] – /ns
Show other control keys – /h (help)
Show number of players on same server – /w (who)
Show current location – /where
Lists blocked personal messages – /ex
Block personal messages from named players – /ex (character name)
Allow personal messages from named players – /in (character name)
Allow personal messages from everyone – /inall
Block personal messages from everyone – /exall
Kick player from your created party – /expel (character name)
Save current chat dialogue – /savechat
Save warp point; only with Warp Portal skill – /memo
Create a party – /organize (party name)
Create a Guild; must have Emperium item – /guild (guild name)
Disband Guild that you created – /gocp (guild name)
Leave current party – /leave
Turn camera focus on – /camera On
Turn camera focus off – /camera Off

Continue attacks:
Type /noctrl in the chat window. Note: This does not work on spells.

Reverse Heal skill:
Type /noshift in the chat window when facing undead opponents. By using the Heal
skill, you will be attacking them with it. Note: Do not try this on enemies that
are not undead, as it will heal them. Hold [Shift] to heal yourself while in
this state.