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MDK is a classic third-person shooter game that takes players on a thrilling and action-packed adventure through a futuristic world. In this game, players take on the role of Kurt Hectic, a super-soldier equipped with a powerful suit and an array of high-tech weapons. As Kurt, players must navigate through challenging levels filled with enemies and obstacles, using their wits and skills to overcome each new challenge.

The game’s unique blend of fast-paced gameplay, stunning graphics, and immersive storytelling make it a must-play for any fan of action games. With its innovative level design, intense boss battles, and engaging storyline, MDK offers a truly unforgettable gaming experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for a new challenge or a casual player looking for a fun and exciting adventure, MDK is sure to deliver hours of entertainment and excitement. So gear up, lock and load, and get ready to save the world in this adrenaline-pumping shooter game from PC Games.

MDK Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Cheat mode:Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes may only be enabled once per level.Effect Code Full health makemefull Gatt power-up masterblaster Sniper grenade biggrenade Twister twistandshout Hidden FMV sequence showmoviemdkbzk Suicide kill

Walkthrough :

WORLD 1…ARENA 1: After landing in this arena, turn around and collect the “MostCowardly Power-Up” to receive a health boost. Run up the corridor and killthe waving guard with your chain gun, then wait for the next two guards andkill them both as well. Collect the “Worlds Smallest Nuclear Bomb” from theleft side of the arena and use it to blow up the Atomic Lock on the exitdoor. ARENA 2: After entering this arena, enter Sniper Mode and zoom in to theGuard on one of the parapets of the distant tower. Wait till he is holdingthe target over his face then shoot it to perform a “Head Shot”. Repeatthis for the next two guards who appear on the tower, then wait for theExploding Crate to drop down and come to rest. Shoot this to blow up thetower and kill the three shielded guards, and then exit Sniper Mode.Collect the grenade which drops down into the arena then throw it at thered, glass wall (Making sure you stand quite far back when you throw it).Now, stand on the top step in front of the pedestal and jump and float withyour Ribbon Chutes to collect the Mortar pick-up. Standing either on thepedestal or on the floor, enter Sniper Mode and target the black hole abovethe centre glass wall. Fire a mortar in to the hole and this will blow openthe glass. Run into the room and destroy the Guard Generator in the centreof the room. Use Sniper Mode to kill the three Guards with giant targets,by using the Head Shot technique, then collect the Dummy Decoy pick-up frombehind the glass columns. Jump on to the lowest of the platforms and usethe rest to reach the exit door. ARENA 3: Stop after entering this arena and use Sniper Mode to zoom in onthe distant building. Target the area just above the closed door, and youwill see three of the Exploding Crates. Shoot any of them to explode thestructure and blow open the door. Now run across to the buildings entrance,avoiding the Guards and the Tank as you go. Once inside the building, keepshooting the Guard Generator till it blows up to reveal the exit hole. ARENA 4: Once in the Subway Station, destroy the Guard Generator to yourleft, then jump across the track and take out the one hidden in the alcoveon the right. Collect the Grenades and then come back down to the Train.Cross over to the other side through the Train and approach the large door.When the Tank emerges, throw the Grenades at it repeatedly till it blowsup. Run into the Tank’s room to find the exit. ARENA 5: Kill the Guard at the start of this arena, then shoot at theConsole to the right of him a couple of times. This will cause a Ship tofly down and hover in front of you. Walk into the Ship and you will enterBombing Mode. When in this state, you will be shown a view looking down atthe arena with a targeting cross hair. The ship will fly you round thearena before dropping you back off at the starting point. While you areflying around, use the fire button to drop a series of bombs, positioningthem with the cross hair. Destroy as many of the Guards as possible, andalso bomb the top of any buildings you may fly over to blow them open. Whenthe ship has dropped you back at the beginning of the arena, move towardsthe building in the middle, entering the two on the right or left tocollect pick-ups. When you get near enough to the last building, a Tankwill be flown down into the arena. A second ship will then appear above thebuilding and hover for a few seconds. Zoom in with your Sniper Mode andtarget the Exploding Crate hanging beneath it. Shoot this to blow open thedoor and then enter it. Destroy the Guard Generator and a Nuke pick-up willbe revealed. Collect this and the Turkey health power-up, and then exit thebuilding. Run around to the rear of the structure and you will see the ExitDoor in the far wall at the back of the arena. Use the Nuke to open theAtomic Lock and then exit the arena. ARENA 6: Follow the canyon passage in this arena to the right, be sure totake out the five Flying Guards before you get to the end, and then standbehind the last block on the right to shield yourself from the Cannon.Throw the Dummy Decoy to the left, and then shoot at the Cannon while it isdistracted. If you have any grenades left, these will help you to destroyit faster. Once the Cannon has been destroyed, jump up onto the block andenter Sniper Mode. Now, select Mortars from your sniper weapon inventory,and fire a mortar into each of the four “funnels”. These lead down to theglass-fronted rooms and will blow up the four taunting Guards. If you donot have any Mortars, or you use them up trying, exit sniper mode andsearch the arena. There will always be a spare supply somewhere in thelevel. After each Guard has been destroyed, the entire structure willexplode to leave a chasm in the floor. Destroy the two tanks which appearon the other side of the gap, then stand at the highest point on your sideof the chasm. >From this position jump and float across to the lowest pointof the other side. If you are lucky, Kurt will grab hold of the edge andpull himself up. Follow this section of the canyon and collect a MostCowardly Power-Up to restore your health level. Return to the edge of thechasm and drop down using your Ribbon Chutes to thebottom and the exit. ARENA 7: Jump off the Glass Platform at the start of this arena, and floatdown to the floor, avoiding the spikes. Use grenades to blow up the targetdome in the centre of the room to reveal an Air-Vent. If you do not haveany grenades, wait and a supply will drop down to you. Jump on to theAir-Vent and you will float up with your Ribbon Chutes. When you reach thetop of the air current, turn around till you are facing a long glassplatform sticking out from a wall. Land on this and use the other GlassPlatforms to work your way up to the top of the room. At the very top,collect the pick-ups and then leave through the exit. ARENA 8: Follow the passageway round to the left and shoot the Alert Droidtill it opens. Walk in to the droid, then drive it back down the passageand around to the door which leads in to the corridor filled with sentries.Now, while inside the Alert Droid, you can drive between them with trouble.Once you get to the end of the corridor, avoid the Very Big Guard and jumppast him to the room beyond. Collect the “Worlds Most Interesting Bomb”,and throw it into the centre of the room. When all of the enemies havecrowded round it, press Enter on your keyboard to detonate it, remember tostand well back! If any of the sentries survive, take them out with yourchain gun till they have all been destroyed. Leave the corridor and collectthe Nuke pick-up which drops down to the left of the entrance door, and useit to blow the Atomic Lock off the Exit Door. ARENA 9: After floating up the air-shaft, stand on the highest section ofthe arena and face the distant tower above the glass walls. Zoom in to theMine Controller who is working in the tower and select Sniper Grenades fromyour sniper mode inventory. Target the Controller’s head and zoom in to theMax on his face. Now shoot him and, if successful, you will kill him withone shot. If you miss, or if you do not have any Sniper Grenades in yourinventory, you will have to try again. Keep shooting at him with normalbullets and a supply of Sniper Grenades will eventually drop down into thearena. WORLD 2… ARENA 1: Wait for the Sniper Grenade that drops down into the rear of thearena, collect it then make your way slowly down the ramp to the next room.When you can just see the Floating Guard, enter sniper mode and target theGuard. Use a couple of sniper grenades in quick succession to destroy him,then exit sniper mode and shoot the Alert Droid. When he has been killed,the glass ceiling will break and allow the Worlds smallest Nuclear Bomb todrop down into the arena. Pick this up and then throw it at the door withthe Atomic Lock. ARENA 2: At the start of this arena, turn to the right so that you arefacing the incoming fire, then use side-step to move left into the arena.Dodge the gun blasts, and work your way across to the other side of theshooting range. If you fall into the trench that runs in front of therange, then run back to the left-hand side of the arena and climb up ontothe block to reach the platform. ARENA 3: Walk up to the top of the ramp in the centre of this arena, andwait for the Mortar pick-up to drop down. Collect this and turn to face thelarge glass wall. Enter Sniper Mode, and target the rectangular hole withthe chevron edges. Select the Mortar from your sniper inventory, and fireone through the hole. The mortar will drop down to the Guards and cause thefloor to crack when it explodes. A Nuke pick-up will then fly out of thehole and float down in front of the ramp. Collect this and throw it at theAtomic Lock to open the exit door.ARENA 4: Walk up to the edge of the glass floor, then enter Sniper Modeand target the Grunt Foreman. Use mortars to kill him, then take out thetwo Warhead Carrying Grunts to detonate the missile stockpile and openup the floor. Drop down to the floor and then jump into the hole toreach the next arena. ARENA 5: From your starting position in this arena, use your chain gun tokill the first Guard, then enter Sniper Mode and zoom in on the SecondGuard hiding behind one of the far cannons. Use a Head Shot to kill himquickly, then walk down to the middle cannon with the Turkey Healthpower-up floating on top. Jump up on to the barrel to collect the power-upand then face down the length of the barrel. Fire repeatedly with yourchain gun at the distant shooting range, and you will cause the cannon torecoil back of its housing and through the window behind the line ofcannons. ARENA 6: Once the cannon has blown up, float down to one of the floatingplatforms with your ribbon chutes. Once you have landed, use the rest ofthe platforms to reach the Exit Door at the rear of the arena. Be carefulto avoid the three cannons at the end of the room. They all fire in arepeating sequence, so watch them for a minute till you know when it willbe safe to move. If you fall off while you are moving, there are twoAir-Vents that can be used to reach the platforms. One is at the start ofthe arena, and the second is in the middle. ARENA 7: Jump off the ledge at the start of this arena, then float down tothe first of the floating platforms, where the Leaping Guard is waiting. Asyou float, shoot at him to make him jump out of the way. From this platformyou will be able to attack the leaping guard without being hit by thependulum (if you move on to any other platform, the Pendulum will be ableto strike you). From this position, enter sniper mode and try to use theHead Shot technique to kill the Leaping Guard. Several shots will berequired to destroy him. If successful, a ramp will appear leading to theExit Door. Jump across to this using the platforms, being careful to dodgethe Pendulum. ARENA 8: Destroy all of the enemies in this arena and collect any of thepower-ups that drop down. After a certain number of kills – it changes eachgame – a Worlds Smallest Nuclear Bomb will drop down somewhere into themaze of blocks. Collect it and move round to the back of the arena, behindthe gigantic white tower. Kill the sentry and the two alert droids, thenthrow the Nuke onto the ground in front of the Atomic Lock. This will blowopen the door and allow you to float up the inside of the tower to the ExitDoor. ARENA 9: After landing in this arena, walk round to the guard’s Sky Sledlanding bay and wait for one of the Sky Sleds to land. Jump on to the sledas the two guards jump off and turn round to face them. Shoot both of themwith your chain gun till the have been destroyed. This will then activatethe Sky Sled, which will take off and fly around some battle arenas, wherethe guards are practising their skills, before flying into the MineControllers tower. Once the Sled has stopped, it will drop you to the floorand allow you to enter the last arena. For a bonus health power-up, wait atthe sky sled landing bay and run into the left rear corner when it isempty. If you do this correctly, you will be teleported to one of thebattle arenas. Wait for a moment,and one of the sky sleds will drop off theMost Cowardly Power-Up. Collect this and then walk into the centre of thebattlearena. This will teleport you back to the landing bay. ARENA 10: Follow the passageway up into the arena, then climb the ramp toyour right to reach the upper platform and a health power-up. >From thisposition, face the window on the other side of the room and enter SniperMode. Zoom in on the small alien and shoot once to break the glass. Nowzoom in further and shoot repeatedly at the Mine Controller till he sealsthe window. For a bonus shot, try to target his nose and eyes! Once thewindow has closed, exit sniper mode and wait for the controller to reappearin his glass ship. Shoot the ship repeatedly as it flies around the arenatill it explodes. The controller will drop to the floor and run to each ofthe three doors in the arena to release a guard. As he runs, shoot him withthe chain gun till his health bar is depleted. The Mine Crawler willself-destruct and carry you back into orbit. WORLD 3… ARENA 1: From the starting ledge, enter Sniper Mode and zoom in on the twoSentry Guns at the end of the arena. Destroy both of them and then exitsniper mode. Use the chain gun to kill the Flying Guard as it moves towardsyou, then float down into the arena. Take out the first set of Guards withthe chain gun, then position yourself in the centre of the arena and usesniper mode to zoom in on the two door stops that holding the large doorshut In the distance. Shoot both of these off and the door will crash downand destroy the Sentry. Stay in sniper mode and head shoot the two SuicideGuards who come running out. Next, find the ramp on the right-hand side ofthe room and follow it up and jump across to the upper platform. Kill theLeaping Guard which is standing there, and then climb onto the slopingplatform on your left. Follow this up and jump over to the platform withthe Super Chain Gun pick-up. Collect this and then jump and float across tothe other side of the arena to collect the Bones’ Air-Strike pickup. Dropback down to the arena floor and exit the level by the open doorway,killing any surviving Guards in the arena. ARENA 2: Stand in the entrance to this arena and use sniper mode to killboth of the Sentry Guns. Exit sniper mode and use your chain gun to destroythe guards to the left and right of the entrance. Run in to the two alcovesbehind the guards and collect the two pick-ups; Homing Sniper bullets and aDummy Decoy. Drop down into the drained pool and collect the Super ChainGun. Climb back out of the pool and kill all of the Guards who have droppedin to the arena. Once these have been destroyed, walk behind the divingboard to find the pool annex. Kill all of the guards in here and collectthe Apple health power-up. Wait for the two Flying Drones and the Sky Sledriding Guard to break into the room through the window, and then kill thetwo drones. Throw the Dummy Decoy back towards the pool area to distractthe Guard on the Sky Sled and then enter Sniper Mode (making sure you arein a position to shoot his head. Zoom in on his face and perform a headshot to cause the Sky Sled to drop to the floor. Exit sniper mode and jumpon to the Sled to collect the Worlds Most Interesting Bomb from the top ofthe room. Drop down the shaft to exit the arena. ARENA 3: Kill both of the Sentry Guns at the start of this arena, thenenter the glass tunnel. Use a Homing Sniper bullet to head shot the Guardat the end of the tunnel and to break it open. Float down into the room andmake your way to the room at the rear of the arena. Collect the Twisterpick-up and then use your chain gun to shoot each of the three GuardContainers till the break. When the last one is destroyed, the pipe leadingback in the main room will turn green and shatter. Come back out and jumpon to the platform in the centre of the arena. ARENA 4: Collect all of the pick-ups in this tiny room and then shootrepeatedly at wall with your chain till the room breaks and reveals thearena outside. Use your grenades to blow up the seven Guard Generators inthis room, at the same time taking out any guards. If the room getscrowded, use the Twister pick-up to destroy the guards. Finally, kill theSentry at the exit to unlock the door which leads to the arena. ARENA 5: Walk to the edge of the platform which looks down into this arena,and then use Sniper Mode to shoot the two Sentry Guns in each corner of theroom. Next, jump onto the Blue Triangular platform to your right, and entersniper mode again. Target the Blue Exit in the top right of the arena andwait for the Floating Sentry to appear. Now shoot him till he’s destroyed -a good tip here is to use Sniper Grenades. Drop down to the floor andcollect the Most Cowardly power-up. Watch out for the Leaping Guards inthis room. Try to jump in to the Blue Cave on the left hand side of theroom and then pick them off from here. Once they have been killed, jump upto the left red cave and follow the red passageway up to the greenplatform. Destroy the Guard Generator and the Alert Droid, and then standat the base of the arrow which points out into the arena. Follow the arrowby jumping across to the yellow platform in the middle room, Kill the twoGuards here and then use the platform to jump across to the Blue Exit. Ifyou failed to destroy the Floating Sentry at the start of this arena, thenwatch out when you jump into the exit! ARENA 6: Stand at the top of the slop that leads down into this arena, anduse Sniper Mode to zoom in and destroy the two Sentry Guards at the far endof the arena. Next, target the rotating Gun Pod and zoom in closer. Fireone shot at it to get its attention, the quickly shoot through its openfront section to head shot the operator. Walk down the slope and kill allof the Guards that jump down into the trench. When you reach the end of thetrench, jump into the air-current to be lifted to the upper levels of thearena. At the top, quickly move forwards and kill all of the Guards at thetop of the air-shaft. Now, stand at the rear of the arena, so that you arefacing the Sentry and the Two Guards at the other end. Enter sniper modeand zoom in on the Sentry. If you have a Sniper Grenade, use this toperform a one hit, Head Shot. If not, just use normal sniper bullets tillit has been destroyed. Remember you can side-step while still in snipermode. Once the sentry has been killed, take out the two guards and thenmove up the trenches edge and collect the Apple power-up at the end. As youmove to collect it, four Flying Drones will fly down the length of thetrench, followed by two Guards on Sky Sleds. When they reach the end of thetrench, they will pause and turn around to fly back up. Zoom in on themwhen stationary and use the Head Shot technique to leave a Sky Sledfloating in the air. Run back down to it and jump on. This will then flyyou over to collect the Thumper and the Health power-up. Jump off the sledwhen it has stopped moving and Exit through the door in the top left of thearena. ARENA 7: After floating up the air-shaft, stand in front of the glasswindow and select the Thumper from your inventory. Shoot the glass withyour chain gun and then throw the Thumper down into the arena. This willkill and damage some of the guards in the arena. Now jump down and finishthe rest off with your chain gun. Note: If you did not collect the Thumperfrom the previous arena, then you will have to kill the guards with justyour chain gun and sniper gun. Once all of the enemies in this arena havebeen destroyed, jump up onto the block in the middle of the floor. Once ontop, turn around till you can see a dark hole in a wall, above anotherblock. Jump across to this block then enter the hole. Inside you will finda three pointed object at the bottom of a slope, and a health power-up.Collect the power-up and then shoot repeatedly at the object to make itspin. Leave the room and the large door in the arena will now have opened.Walk through the now open door and collect the Sweet power-ups, but watchout for a lone Suicide Guard. At the end of the corridor, you will find alarge room with a strange Alien Structure guarded by two Leaping Guards.Kill both of the guards and then shoot at the front left side of thestructure with your chain gun so that it sprays red fragments. Once thissection has collapsed, destroy the opposite side in the same way. When bothsections have been destroyed, shoot the now exposed inside of the structureto reveal the Exit. ARENA 8: Follow the passageway to the right till you reach the arenaentrance, guarded by an Alert Droid. The right hand passageway is adead-end, but does contain a Health power-up. Destroy the Alert Droid, andthen wait for the Guard on a Sky Sled to fly in to the room. Use your chaingun to kill him and then jump onto the grounded sled. This will then takeoff and fly you around the arena. As you move, turn on the spot and useyour chain gun to kill the Flying Drones as they attack you. The Sky Sledwill eventually crash through the far wall of the arena and you will enterthe last arena. ARENA 9: Enter the arena, and collect the Turkey Health power-up hidden onthe right-hand side of the room. Then, stand in front of the large wheel onthe rear wall of the room . A wave of the Alien Dogs will roll out from theholes under the wheel and attack you. At the same time, the Mine Controllerwill start to rotate the wheel. Kill all of the Alien Dogs with your chaingun and then wait for the wheel to stop spinning. When it does, enterSniper Mode and zoom in on the one of the four red domes that appear on therim of the wheel. Shoot it off and then exit Sniper Mode. The remainingdomes will then shoot once at you and disappear as the wheel starts to spinagain. Repeat this process for the rest of the domes and when all of themhave been destroyed, the Mine Controller will fall out of his room andexplode. WORLD 4… ARENA 1: After landing, jump off and float down into the chasm with yourribbon chutes. As you float down, turn around so that you are facing theopposite direction. As you near the bottom, position yourself so that youare directly over the Ice Sheet and drop down onto it. The Ice will breakand allow you to continue floating down into the next room. If you turnedto face the right direction, you should now be in a direct line of sightwith the large Sentry. Shoot at him with your chain gun to destroy him.There is also a Super Chain Gun pick-up on the platform to your right,protected by a Guard. You can kill this Guard and collect the Super ChainGun to help kill the Sentry faster. Once he has been destroyed, kill therest of the Guards in the room and then climb up to the platform where theSentry was floating. Here you will find a Snow Board. Walk on to the SnowBoard and it will launch you down the ramp, through the glass door. ARENA 2: Steer left and right to navigate the tunnel, holding down willmake you brake. Shoot the Guards and Stop Boards in this arena as youapproach them and be careful to avoid the large rocks. ARENA 3: Once you have landed in this arena, shoot the Guard standing nextto the Console, and then fire a couple of shots at the Console to summon aShip. Stand back as the Ship lands, and kill the two guards as the leapout. Once they have been destroyed, walk into the ship to enter BombingMode. The ship will now fly you around the arena, before returning you tothe start area. As you are flown around, use the fire button and theonscreen target to drop bombs on to the arenas Guards and Gun Towers. Thiswill make your journey through the arena easier. Once back on the ground,destroy the small hut next to you and collect the Dummy Decoy pick-up frominside. Now run into the arena and make your way over to far side. If youmissed any of the Gun towers or Gun Pods in the Bombing Run, then useSniper Mode to head shoot the gun controllers through the open front of thepods. As you near the Exit in the far wall of the arena, collect thepick-ups and then throw the Dummy Decoy in front of you to distract theGuards and Sentry. While they are shooting at the Decoy, kill them withyour chain gun. Once they have been destroyed, exit the arena through thecave and walk on to the next Snow Board. ARENA 4: As you snow board down this tunnel, collect all of the Ten Bonesto receive a pick-up at the end. Also, collecting the Earthworm Jimpick-ups will give the enemies a nasty surprise by dropping a cow on theirheads! When you reach the split level section of the tunnel, jump with yoursnow board to land on the upper level. If you have collected all of theBones in the tunnel, then when you reach the end a supply ship will flydown into the tunnel with a Twister pick-up hanging beneath it. Jump up asit passes over you to collect it. ARENA 5: Float down into this arena, and shoot the three Flying Drones asthey approach you. Once these have been killed, climb up onto the Submarineand make your way along to the tail section to collect a Sniper Grenade.Use this to destroy the Guards and a Tank will be flown into the arena.Blow up the Tank, from either a sniper position on top of the Submarine, orfrom the ground with your chain gun. Once it has been destroyed, collectthe Worlds Smallest Nuclear Bomb and kill the remaining Guards. Now findthe Atomic Lock on the Submarines door and use the Nuke to open it. Enterthe Submarine, and you will come face to face with the Sub Boss. Destroyhim by throwing Grenades into the Air Current that holds his Pod in theair. After the right amount, the Pod will blow up and allow you to float upthe air current and into the passageway above. Follow the passageway to thenext arena. ARENA 6: Destroy all of the Guard Generators in this arena with your chaingun, then kill all of the Guards. Blow open the crates to reveal power-upsand pick-ups. Approach the floating Gun Pod and either use the chain orthrow Grenades into the air current to destroy it. Use the air current tofloat up to the next level, and then walk on to the snow board to exit thearena. ARENA 7: Like the previous snowboarding level, collect all Ten Bones for aTwister pick-up. When you reach the fork in the tunnel, take the path tothe right to collect a Super Chain Gun pick-up. As you progress through thetunnel, collect the Earthworm Jim pick-ups to drop a cow on the enemy GunPods. ARENA 8: After landing in this arena, jump into the Air-Current to float upand collect the Super Chain Gun pick-up. While you are floating, shoot downthe enemy Ship and then drop down and collect the scattered pick-ups. Runinto the next section of the arena and destroy the Guard Generator with thesuper chain gun. Once destroyed, it will release a Most Cowardly Power Up.Collect this for a health boost and then enter the last room of the arena.Avoid the Gun Pod Boss’ bombs and destroy the crate to the left of theroom. This will release a Dummy Decoy. Collect this and throw it todistract the Boss. Next, run over tot he other side of the room and destroythe rest of the crates to receive a large supply of Grenades. Stand infront of the Gun Pod Boss and throw the Grenades into the air-stream. Keepthrowing the grenades until the boss is destroyed and you exit the arena. WORLD 5… ARENA 1: From the starting position in this arena, enter Sniper Mode andwait for the Mother Ship to fly overhead. Follow it as it turns and waitfor it to come to a stop. Now quickly shoot off each of the Gun Pods on itsside to send it crashing down. Exit sniper mode and run up into the arena.Use your chain gun to destroy all of the Guards in this area, andthen findthe ramp on the right which leads up to a secret Sniper Position, and aDummy Decoy. Collect the decoy and enter sniper mode. Look through the slitin the wall and zoom in on the Alert Droid on the far side of the arena, infront of the Atomic Locked door. Kill it, then exit sniper mode and walkback into the centre of the arena. A ship with a Worlds Smallest NuclearBomb will fly into the arena and drop off two Guards. Destroy the guardsand then shoot down the ship to collect the Nuke. Walk over to the left ofthe arena and throw the nuke at the Atomic Lock to open the Exit Door. ARENA 2: Kill both of the Guards and the Alert Droid at the start of thisarena, and then use the sloping platform to jump across to the nextplatform. Run and jump off the end of this block to reach the edge of thepassageway in front of you. Stop at the entrance to the tunnel and enterSniper Mode. Now zoom in and target the Exploding Crate at the other end ofthe tunnel. Shoot it to blow up a Sentry hidden round the corner of thetunnel. Move down to the end and collect the Sniper Grenade from the edgeof the platform. Quickly enter Sniper Mode and use the Sniper Grenades tokill the Sentry at the other side of the arena. When he has been destroyed,drop down into the arena and run over to the platform where the Sentry wasfloating. Climb up onto the platform and collect a Super Chain Gun pick-up.Use this to destroy the Gun Ship which takes off from the centre of thisarena. Once destroyed this will release a Forklift , which will try to ramyou. Kill the driver by shooting the Glass Dome off it, and then use yourchain gun to push it over to the yellow panel on the floor. This willdeactivate the Force Field and allow you to drop dow

Hit F1 (the help screen) before typing these in.
Then hit ESC or Enter to get back to the action.
They can be used only once per level. For some reason,
these codes don’t work for everyone. This is probably
due to the many different patches and versions of MDK
floating around. Below is what Shiny put in their MDK
cheat codes section.

Codes for ALL of the Patches:

ineedabiggun –> Super Chain Gun powerup
holokurtisfun –> Dummy powerup
nastyshotthanks –> Homing sniper grenade
tornadoaway –> Twister powerup
iliketolob –> Mortar powerup
kill –> suicide!
486ok –> Allow 486 machines to run

For Un-patched final North American executable:

makemefull –> Health
masterblaster –> Gatt powerup
twistandshout –> Twister powerup
biggrenade –> Homing sniper grenade
486willbeslow –> Allow 486 machines to run

For European Version
(Should work for No Blood German versions as well):

healme –> Health
ineedabiggun –> Gatt powerup
tornadoaway –> Twister powerup
holokurtisfun –> Dummy powerup
486okbyme –> Allow 486 machines to run