Game Boy Advance

Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure

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Step into the world of Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure on the Game Boy Advance and experience the thrill of extreme skateboarding like never before. Join your favorite Disney characters including Tarzan, Simba, and Buzz Lightyear as they shred through iconic Disney-themed skate parks.

With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure brings the magic of Disney to the world of skateboarding. Perform jaw-dropping tricks and combos as you navigate through challenging levels inspired by classic Disney movies.

Customize your character and board to suit your style, then hit the ramps and rails to show off your skills. Whether you’re grinding through Pride Rock or catching air in Andy’s room, there’s no shortage of excitement in this action-packed game.

So grab your board, buckle up your helmet, and get ready to skate with your favorite Disney characters in Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure for the Game Boy Advance. It’s extreme fun for the whole family!

Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Peter Pan

Press [L], [R], [L], [R], [L](2), Start at the main menu. Go to an open slot to have a option to pick Peter Pan.

Extra points

Anything with a balance meter can be used to get alot of points. Just move the pointer slightly. Do not move it hard, or you will wipe out. Also with lip tricks or grinds, keep pressing [Triangle] to switch tricks. For example, if playing as young Tarzan and you do the lip trick “Takes A Steady Hand”, press [Triangle] to switch to ” Close To The Edge”. This is very useful for getting high and extreme scores.

Human Camp: Secret slide

Go to the upper right of the camp to go in a grind. Grind until you get to the river edge. Go to the ramp in the water. Go to the left where you jump to the ramp and jump to the north. Then, go to the cave to go on a secret slide.

Special tricks

Collect 25 medals for a character to unlock a special trick. There are 25 medals per character in each level. Each character has a total of three special tricks.

Peter Pan:
Press L, R, L, R, L(2), Start at the main menu. Go to
an open slot to have a option to pick Peter Pan.