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Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge

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Get ready to rev up your engines and race to the finish line in Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge for Game Boy Advance! This action-packed racing game will have you performing jaw-dropping stunts and tricks as you navigate through challenging tracks filled with loops, jumps, and obstacles.

Choose from a variety of Hot Wheels cars and customize them to suit your racing style. Take on thrilling challenges in single-player mode or compete against friends in multiplayer mode for ultimate bragging rights. With vibrant graphics, smooth gameplay, and addictive racing action, Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

So buckle up, hit the gas, and get ready to experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement of Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge on Game Boy Advance!

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Champion League Mode Passwords

Code: Result:
CLJJBGLQ Race 1: T-Rex Valley
CLJJCFKP Race 2: Dinosaur Boneyard
CLSLDDJN Race 3: Black Widow’s Nest
CLSLFCHM Race 4: Insect Hive
CLBBGBGL Race 5: Whiteskull Cliffs
CLBBHZFK Race 6: Monsters of the Deep
CLTKJYDJ Race 7: Jungle Snakepit
CLTKKXCH Race 8: Gator Forest
CLZGLWBG Race 9: Solar Strip
CLZGMVZF Race 10: Satellite Mission
CLLLNTYD Race 11: Fire Mountain
CLLLPSXC Race 12: Volcano Battle
CLFNQRWB All races

Game Show Mode Passwords

JJCRTVBZ Episode 1-2: T-Rex Valley
JJSCFQCX Episode 1-3: Face Off
JJSCRBDV Episode 1-4: Airborne
JJCRDBFS Episode 1-5: Dinosaur Boneyard
SLCRNHLG Episode 2-1: Insect Hive
SLSCSFGQ Episode 2-2: Speed Freak
SLSCFQHN Episode 2-3: Face Off
SLCRBNJL Episode 2-4: Black Widow’s Nest
SLSCTBKJ Episode 2-5: Trick Book
BBSCFQMD Episode 3-1: Face Off
BBCRWCNB Episode 3-2: Whiteskull Cliffs
BBSCCCPY Episode 3-3: Cone Crush
BBSCFSQW Episode 3-4: Freestyle
BBCRMDRT Episode 3-5: Monsters of the Deep
TKSCTBSR Episode 4-1: Trick Book
TKSCSFTP Episode 4-2: Speed Freak
TKCRJSVM Episode 4-3: Jungle Snakepit
TKSCFQWK Episode 4-4: Face Off
TKCRGFXH Episode 4-5: Gator Forest
ZGSCRBYF Episode 5-1: Airborne
ZGCRSSZC Episode 5-2: Solar Strip
ZGSCFSBZ Episode 5-3: Freestyle
ZGSCFQCX Episode 5-4: Face Off
ZGCRSMDV Episode 5-5: Satellite Mission
LLSCTBFS Episode 6-1: Trick Book
LLSCSKGQ Episode 6-2: Speed Freak
LLCRFMHN Episode 6-3: Fire Mountain
LLSCFQJC Episode 6-4: Face Off
LLCRVBKJ Episode 6-5: Volcano Battle

Stunt Schools Passwords

Code: Result:
SSLTRQVZ – Level 2
SSLRSPTY – Level 3
SSLFTNSX – Level 4
SSLVVMRW – Level 5
SSLXWLQV – Level 6
SSLSXKPT – Level 7
SSLGYJNS – Level 8
SSLGYJNS – Level 9
SSLTBGLQ – Level 10

All Champions League races completed:
Enter “CLFNQRWB” as a password.

Stunt School passwords:
Level Password


Champions League passwords:
Level Name Password

1 Jurassic Jam (T-Rex Valley) CLJJBGLQ
2 Jurassic Jam (Dinosaur Boneyard) CLJJCFKP
3 Spider Alley (Black Widow’s Nest) CLSLDDJN
4 Spider Alley (Insect Hive) CLSLFCHM
5 Buccaneer Bay (Whiteskull Cliffs) CLBBGBGL
6 Buccaneer Bay (Monsters of the Deep) CLBBHZFK
7 Tiki Island (Jungle Snakepit) CLTKJYDJ
8 Tiki Island (Gator Forest) CLTKKXCH
9 Zero Gravity Zone (Solar Strip) CLZGLWBG
10 Zero Gravity Zone (Satellite Mission) CLZGMVZF
11 Lava Land (Fire Mountain) CLLLNTYD
12 Lava Land (Volcano Battle) CLLLPSXC

Game Show passwords:
Level Name Password

1-2 Jurassic Jam (T-Rex Valley) JJCRTVBZ
1-3 Jurassic Jam (Face Off) JJSCFQCX
1-4 Jurassic Jam (Airborne) JJSCRBDV
1-5 Jurassic Jam (Dinosaur Boneyard) JJCRDBFS
2-1 Spider Alley (Insect Hive) SLCRNHLG
2-1 Spider Alley (Speed Freak) SLSCSFGQ
2-2 Spider Alley (Face Off) SLSCFQHN
2-3 Spider Alley (Black Widow’s Nest) SLCRBNJL
2-4 Spider Alley (Trick Book) SLSCTBKJ
3-1 Buccaneer Bay (Face Off) BBSCFQMD
3-2 Buccaneer Bay (Whiteskull Cliffs) BBCRWCNB
3-3 Buccaneer Bay (Cone Crush) BBSCCCPY
3-4 Buccaneer Bay (Freestyle) BBSCFSQW
3-5 Buccaneer Bay (Monsters of the Deep) BBCRMDRT
4-1 Tiki Island (Trick Book) TKSCTBSR
4-2 Tiki Island (Speed Freak) TKSCSFTP
4-3 Tiki Island (Jungle Snakepit) TKCRJSVM
4-4 Tiki Island (Face Off) TKSCFQWK
4-5 Tiki Island (Gator Forest) TKCRGFXH
5-1 Zero Gravity Zone (Airborne) ZGSCRBYF
5-2 Zero Gravity Zone (Solar Strip) ZGCRSSZC
5-3 Zero Gravity Zone (Freestyle) ZGSCFSBZ
5-4 Zero Gravity Zone (Face Off) ZGSCFQCX
5-5 Zero Gravity Zone (Satellite Mission) ZGCRSMDV
6-1 Lava Land (Trick Book) LLSCTBFS
6-2 Lava Land (Speed Freak) LLSCSKGQ
6-3 Lava Land (Fire Mountain) LLCRFMHN
6-4 Lava Land (Face Off) LLSCFQJC
6-5 Lava Land (Volcano Battle) LLCRVBKJ