Game Boy Advance

Boktai 2

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Boktai 2 is an action-packed adventure game for the Game Boy Advance that takes players on a thrilling journey through a dark and dangerous world. In this sequel to the popular Boktai game, players take on the role of the young vampire hunter, Django, as he sets out to vanquish evil and save the world from destruction.

With its innovative solar sensor technology, Boktai 2 allows players to harness the power of the sun to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. By exposing the sensor to natural sunlight, players can charge up Django’s solar gun and unleash powerful attacks on their foes. This unique gameplay mechanic adds an extra layer of strategy and immersion to the game, making it a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

In addition to its innovative gameplay, Boktai 2 features stunning graphics, a captivating storyline, and challenging gameplay that will keep players on the edge of their seats. With its mix of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving, Boktai 2 is a must-play game for fans of the Game Boy Advance and anyone looking for an exciting and immersive gaming experience. Join Django on his quest to save the world from darkness and discover the power of the sun in Boktai 2.

Boktai 2 Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Crossover Battle mode:
Press L, R, L, R, L(2), R(4), L(2), Select, Start, Select, Start at the
link screen.