Mega Man Zero 4

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Hard Mode

Beat the game once

Unlock all 7 Mini-Games

Busy Basket – Complete Hard Mode
Elf Chase – Complete the game without making ANY chip recipes(you can collect the parts and recipes, just don’t make any of them)
Energy Laboratory – Beat the High Scores of all the above six Mini-Games
Hammer Harvest – Beat the game in under 1 hour
Magma Border – Beat the game with a complete Database
Plant Panic – Beat the game in Normal or Hard mode with a Level 0 Cyber Elf(meaning you must not even FEED her any E-Crystals)
Wood Chopping – Complete the game with an overall S-Rank

Instant Charged Shots

Do the following in-game to make the Z-Buster, Z-Saber, or Z-Knuckle shoot their various charged shots.

Note 1: If you’re facing right, “Forward” is Right on the D-Pad. If you’re facing left, “Forward” is Left. Down and Up are always Down and Up. “Fire” is B, A, L, or R, depending on how you’ve configured your game.

Note 2: This was tested using Zero’s normal armor only. It may not work, or may work differently with Zero’s other armors.

Code – Effect:
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire – Fully-Charged Z-Buster Shot
Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Fire – Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Down-Forward)
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire – Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Forward)
Down-Forward, Forward, Up-Forward – Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Up-Forward)
Forward, Up-Forward, Up, Fire – Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Upwards)
Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Fire – Fully-Charged Z-Saber
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire – Half-Charged Z-Buster Shot