Game Boy Advance

Top Gear Rally

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Top Gear Rally is an adrenaline-pumping racing game for the Game Boy Advance that will have players on the edge of their seats. With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, this game brings the excitement of rally racing to the palm of your hand.

Players can choose from a variety of different cars and tracks as they compete against skilled opponents in intense races. The controls are smooth and responsive, allowing for precise maneuvering around tight corners and hairpin turns. As you race through each track, you’ll experience the thrill of high-speed chases and heart-pounding action.

But it’s not just about speed in Top Gear Rally – players must also use strategy and skill to outsmart their opponents and claim victory. With multiple game modes to choose from, including championship races and time trials, there’s always a new challenge waiting around the corner.

So buckle up and get ready for the ride of a lifetime with Top Gear Rally on Game Boy Advance. Whether you’re a seasoned racing veteran or a newcomer to the genre, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement. Get ready to rev your engines and hit the track in this thrilling racing adventure.

Top Gear Rally Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Turn all road obstacles into cows
Follow the instuctions on the hover car cheats but enter your name as rogueops.

Low gravity cheats
Follow the instructions on the hover car cheats but enter your name as moonwalk.

Tiny cars
To enter tiny car cheats follow the steps above but enter your name as rcracers.

Hover car cheat
For hover car cheat turn on your GBA and when you get to the Title page select new game and enter hovercar as your name.

Hovercraft car:
Enter HOVERCAR as a file name.

R/C car:
Enter RCRACERS as a file name.

Moon gravity:
Enter MOONWALK as a file name.

Cow objects:
Enter ROGUEOPS as a file name. All trees, signs, and other inanimate
objects will become cows.