Game Boy Advance

Disney Princess

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Step into the magical world of Disney Princess on Game Boy Advance and join your favorite princesses on exciting adventures! Play as Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, and more as you explore enchanting worlds, solve puzzles, and defeat villains.

Experience the classic Disney stories come to life with stunning graphics and captivating gameplay. Help Cinderella find her lost slipper, swim through the ocean with Ariel, and dance at the ball with Belle. Each princess has her own unique abilities and challenges, making every level a new and exciting adventure.

With beautiful music, charming characters, and fun mini-games, Disney Princess on Game Boy Advance is a must-have for fans of all ages. So grab your tiara and get ready to embark on a magical journey with your favorite Disney royalty!

Disney Princess Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

New Level
Enter z8L5HGSCP4 x3tHlk0BtL as a password.

Level Password
Snow White – 2 CgOrbfzm5D KtRwZcMrTz
Snow White – 3 qpXxRkStdN S8dDntZ9kK
Snow White – End BkMOHdGvNR S2b4jnX2g8
Belle – 2 CPZWkJSQbd kHrKz1mFtM
Belle – 3 r7sH73nCxR WChHrvbBlL
Belle – End rnv18jqsOR WChHrvbBlL
Cinderella – 2 BMZnTQSjbF GGNJj2LGSN
Cinderella – End t94S25OP8v BXbdxHwZhK
Aurora – 2 qRhlfMchmB GxQ2bhMzW7
Aurora – 3 qchvfWcrmL Q6bBlrW7hH
Ariel – 2 tzSlQTNhXB SqsvDZprz1
Ariel – 3 FzLxGGKsRP dsOvJdxs4O
Jasmine – 2 FHVxQQTscP d284Sn62D8
Jasmine – 3 FKZGTTSBbk xLSNn6QLXS
Jasmine – End tlwRtsrJ1t 9xj2Lhdz57
Bonus level z8L5HGSCP4 x3tHlk0BtL
Bonus level (alt) FLc1WWVwdN hLBNn67LXS