Game Boy Advance

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee

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Embark on a wild and wacky adventure in Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee for the Game Boy Advance. Join the lovable duo, Munch and Abe, as they navigate through bizarre and challenging levels in their quest to save their fellow Mudokons from the evil Glukkons. With its quirky characters, colorful graphics, and engaging gameplay, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Use Munch’s unique abilities to swim, jump, and even possess enemies, while Abe relies on his quick thinking and communication skills to outsmart foes. Can you help Munch and Abe save the day and restore peace to Oddworld? Find out in this exciting and imaginative game that will leave you wanting more.

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Get Abe Across In The Mudoken Pen Easy

You have to be Munch and go across the water. Go on that metal walk way then switch to Abe. Jump in a water mine then drown. Then be Munch and near bye is a egg. Hatch it and Abe is across easier.  

Recycling Machines

On any level that has a “Recycling Machine” that tears up anything within range (for example, any of the Sloghut levels), as Abe you can pick up your friends or enemies and throw them in.

In the Sloghut levels, there is a machine that Munch controls that can pick people up. Pick up all the Slogs and drop them outside of their pens. Then, before they are killed, drop the Sligs inside the pen. Next, pick up one and move it around. Notice the Slogs on the ground always chase its shadow. Hold the Slig so that its shadow is over the recycling machine and watch the slogs run into it. When they are all dead, drop the Sligs in it.

On any other level, have Abe call all of his friends then switch to Munch. Have him call all his friends. Note that Abe and his buddies follow you. Go near some enemies. As soon as the enemies see you, call your friends again and run into the recycling machine. What follows is a nice massacre killing Munch, the Fuzzles following him, Abe, the Mudokens following him, and any enemies that ran into the machine.

If Munch ever gets too close to the machine while he is riding his wheelchair, the wheelchair will get destroyed, but Munch will be flung safely from harm.

Possession Orb

Hold L to chant and create a Possession Orb made from Spooce. The longer you Chant, the larger the Orb (and farther it can travel). Once formed, you can move the Orb around the level. However, it will sink if you try to bring it across water. If you do not use the Orb within a certain amount of time it will disappear.

Jump Higher As Munch

As soon as you jump out of the water, immediately press A when you see Munch’s headport.

Alternate Endings With Quarma

The ending is always different depending how much Quarma you have. Save as many people as possible, because you may not be able to complete the game at the end. if your Quarma level is low, you will see a FMV sequence that shows the Fuzzles killing you. The level is after you get Lulu rich, and you enter the ship.

Health Power-Up

On the later levels when using Abe or Munch, have the character you are not controlling stand next to a health vending machine. When Abe (for example) gets hit, switch back to Munch, use the machine, then quickly tap Character Change before the little guy drinks. You will find the health power-up will go to the character who is nowhere near the vending machine (in this case Abe).

Health Up With Out A Vendos

If you are near a SOBE or Health up but your partner is the one who needs health. Drink the vendos. Exactly at the same time prees the black button to switch to your partner. When done correctly life birds will rotate around your partners head.

Fun With Sligs And Slogs

In both Sloghuts, you can have fun with the Sligs and Slogs. Drop the Sligs into the Slog pens and watch the Slogs chase them down, trying to take a big chomp out of them. The Sligs will eventually die, so you still need to put the Slogs into the recycler just in case.

Crossing Water As Abe

A quick way to get across water is take control of Abe and jump repeatedly. You may lose life. Quickly press A to avoid going in the water.

Splinterz Manufacturing: Inhabints Sign

When you posses the Glukkon “Splinterz”, look at the desk to see an Inhabints sign.

Lethal Electric Abe

While being Munch, go to a zap vendo, while Abe is next to him. Let Abe carry Munch with fuzzles following him and as you pass a series of enemies munch will be lethal and dangerous making abe carrying him almost invincible. But….there is a downside you have to do this in less than 5 seconds for Munch to actually fire without command. That is the part that gets really tricky. And about the fuzzles, if Abe is carrying Munch, if Munch gets hurt theylle automatically attack without command.

Spliterz Manufacturing: Floating And Sliding Abe

When possessing/resurrecting, a laser will hit Abe. As the laser is hitting Abe, start running in circles and he will float/slide around.

Music player:
Enter THQMPMD1 as a password to unlock the “Music Player” option at the main

Level Password
1 Cvzx2JLk
2 tDKLS60b
3 s60dmgl0
4 BRTv4BDc
5 sFJHRv1P
6 sFMv8sxM
7 B69CMLNm
8 tjsFTnsH
9 tjsFZjnC
10 B6CSpBDc
11 ZPVqCtxL
12 Fjq0VRTs
13 s6FX2GLm