SpongeBob SquarePants : The Flying Dutchman

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Walk in the air

This trick requires Karate Gloves and Bounce Bubbles. Make a Bounce Bubble and jump on the bubble. Move in the air and use the Karate Glove. If done correctly Spongebob have a little walk in the air.

Fight a Giant Jellyfish Boss

Catch all the flying jellyfish around him with the net. The Giant Jellyfish will then go up to the top of the screen and fire electricity down. To hurt him, use the blow the bubble up to hit him. Repeat this until it is defeated.

Level Passwords

Enter these to go to the area specified.

Password – Result:

V9X9HN – Boss Fight: Alaskan Bullworm
XVXNBN – Boss Fight: Plankton
2?6929 – Boss Fight: Wild Jellyfish
BBBBB – Chapter 1, Level 1
BBBBN – Chapter 2, Level 1
VBBDBN – Chapter 2, Level 2
XBXDBN – Chapter 2, Level 3
VVXNBN – Chapter 3, Level 1
VXX5BN – Chapter 3, Level 2
V5X9GN – Chapter 3, Level 3
V9X9HS – Chapter 4, Level 1
V9X909 – Chapter 4, Level 2
2?5909 – Chapter 4, Level 3
2?692? – Chapter 5, Final Level
V?5909 – Special Stage: Jellyfish Roundup
V5X5GN – Special Stage: Kara-tay at the Treedome
XBDDBN – Special Stage: Krabby Patty Napping