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Blade of Darkness

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Cheat :

Enable CheatsYou have to open and edit the menu.py file located in the “BladeScripts” folder to make to cheats work. Always make a backup of this file before editing. Open the file with any text editor, and add these lines at the bottom of the file: import cheatscheats.ActivateMiscCheats()cheats.ActivateLaserEyes()cheats.ActivateWeaponGrow()cheats.ActivateGoreCheatsCheats()cheats.ActivateLevelCheats() Now save it and close the file. The next time you start the game the cheat codes will be activated. Now all you have to do is to press the following keys to get the various cheats to work: Code Result [F10] God Mode [F8] Level Up [F9] Level Skip [F5] Move Camera Left [F6] Move Camera Right 1 Small Sword 2 Large Sword 3 Large Shield 4 Small Shield G Create Lightsabre K Start Lightsabre P Change MOV H Sleepy Hollow M Mutational X Matrix NOTE: Remember to activate all the cheats you think you’ll be using before saving the game. Sometimes the cheats will not work the next time you load the game, unless they were active when the game was saved. Alternate God ModeOpen the control.py file from your “config” game folder. At the end of the key bindings list, add the following line: Bladex.AssocKey(“ToggleInvinciblilty”,”Keyboard”,”p”) Next, open the defcontrol.py file from your “scripts” game folder and make the same addition. While in the game you may now press “P” for God Mode. Press “P” again to deactivate. You may bind this cheat to any key by substituting your choice for the “p” in the line above. Edit Character StatsYou can edit the chardata.py file in your “stats” game folder to alter the stats of your character. Make a backup before editing.