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Earth 2160

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Earth 2160 is a futuristic real-time strategy game that takes place in the year 2160, where humanity is on the brink of extinction. Players must navigate through a post-apocalyptic world, managing resources, building bases, and commanding armies to survive and conquer rival factions.

With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Earth 2160 offers a unique gaming experience that will challenge even the most seasoned strategy gamers. The game features a dynamic campaign mode, where players can choose their own path and make decisions that will impact the outcome of the game.

In addition to the campaign mode, Earth 2160 also offers multiplayer options, allowing players to compete against each other in intense battles for supremacy. With a variety of units, technologies, and strategies to explore, every game of Earth 2160 is a new and exciting adventure.

So, if you’re looking for a thrilling and challenging strategy game that will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further than Earth 2160. Get ready to conquer the future and lead humanity to victory in this epic game from PC Games.

Earth 2160 Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat mode
Press “Enter” during game play to display the console window. Type
cheats_2160” then press “Enter” again to enable cheat mode. Then,
enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate
the corresponding cheat function. A “1” will appears next to the
code to confirm correct code entry.

Add experience to selected units addexperiencepoints
Add resources1 addmoney
Set level for selected units setexperiencelevel
Set experience for selected units setexperiencepoints
Heal selected units heal
All research completed researchal
Kill selected units kill
Quit game quit
Full map resetfog
Set game speed gamerate
Set time of day; less than 66
is night time