Tomba 2

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Cheat mode

Hold [L1] + [R1] and press [Circle], [Triangle], [Square], [X] at the opening menu with the “New game” and “Load game” options. A sound will confirm correct code entry. “Level select” and “All weapons” selections will be unlocked in the options screen. Press [X] on the “Level select” option to access a screen that has all the levels. Select a level and like the magic wings, you will advance there. Enable the “All weapons” option, then press [Triangle] to get to the journal screen, look at the weapons, and select one. Note: This will also unlock all the hidden weapons. Once this option is disabled, you will have whatever weapons you originally had. The hidden weapons are: Torch Hammer, Glacier Boomerang, Doka Pin, and Pig Ball. Note: You can normally find these weapons in the three (excluding the Golden Tower) hidden towers. The Pig Ball can be found once you have given the Ice Candy to the man in Circus Town. (The Golden Tower has Gold Powder, that makes you invincible until you fall into a pit, and can be used an unlimited number of times. It is obtained by giving these items to the person (or thing): Gold Moon, Gold Star, Gold Sun.

Tower Of Courage

Go through the doors in the following order to get the boomerang. Note: You must have the Minitta Berry and the Mystery Berry.

Crying door
First laughing door
Crying door
Mini door

Tower Of Strength

To get to the Tower Of Strength, go to the Kujara Ranch. Go all the way up the houses until you see a swing pole near an evil pig. Jump on the pole, then follow the path of swing poles until you find two teeter-totter type objects. Jump on both until you find a wood plank-like object. Go all the way down the plank until you are directly next to the side of the mountain. Then, play the Song Of Strength. To get one half of the song, go to the Town Of The Fisherman and turn all the barrel-type objects so that the blue or red side is facing up. Make sure all of the barrels are facing the correct way (in the Waterfall Of The Heavens and in the actual Town Of The Fishermen). Then, go to where the intermission sequences shows the Golden Hook. When you get it, return the hook to the fisherman that gave you the Bird Cloths. He will then give you a Mermaid Scale. Once you have it, go to the Water Temple and show it to the Mermaid that is hiding in the clamshell. After that, she will sing the half of the Song Of Strength.

Unlimited magic

When you go to fight the evil last pig, you will see Kainen by the door. Talk to him and he will give you unlimited magic for the pig robes. This is very helpful when getting the ice candy for the man in circus town.